Welcome to the Neuroscience Club at IU's webpage!

We are a student group at Indiana University Bloomington with a strong interest in the neurons, the brain, and synthesizing subjects from across disciplines to achieve a greater understanding of anything we discuss. We do three main things in the club:

Meetings- usually every other week, we will host a guest speaker, or give a presentation ourselves on some interesting subject that might not be spoken about in class like the neuroscience of sex, fear, aliens, humor, human brain evolution, and the list goes on.

Lab Experience- in the past, we have dissected Hermissenda, a sea snail with a simple nervous system, to see ganglia before our eyes. This semester, we hope to continue dissections, and expand into electrophysiology. Using handmade Spikerboxes, which are handheld electrophysiology kits, we will be able to stimulate muscle twitches, record action potentials, and test many experiments on invertebrates with anyone who is interested.
We will also expand into viewing slides of anything! We will likely be doing this in the CISAB house.

Volunteering- we have volunteered at many places including Boys and Girls Club, Girls Inc., and helped moved the giant brains for Brain Extravaganza. This semester we will continue our dedication to outreach to all ages including visiting retired IU faculty at the Sterling House, showing young kids the nervous system, and expanding outreach into local schools.

We also have field trips including a our past trip to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center and future trips to the Mather's Museum, Greenhouse, and Art Museum. Please visit the calendar page on the left for more information.

Interested? Email us at neuroscienceclubiu@gmail.com to join the email list for the latest updates and information- meeting dates, and also research assistant positions.

Background photo credit: Dr. Jim Goodson