NeuroRighter PCBs

 Official NeuroRighter PCBs

There are currently four NeuroRighter PCBs. The gerber files and corresponding schematics are attached to the bottom of this page. To create PCBs for your own system, first decide whether you will be creating an in-vivo or in-vitro setup. Then,
  • Download the PCB layouts and schematics in the attached ZIP files below.  
  • Use for the in vitro (MCS) version 
  • Use for the in vivo version (for freely moving animals).
The PCBs contained in these folders are shown below: 
  1. In-vivo, head-stage-to-NI_card electrode interfacing board (designed by John Rolston). 1.6X signal amplification and bandpass filtering between 1 and 9000 Hz.


  2. MCS MEA1060-to-NI_card channel mapping board (designed by John Rolston). Signal mapping and high quality power supply.

  3. Voltage or current stimulus driver circuit (designed by John Rolston).

  1. 16 channel, in-vivo stimulus multiplexing board (designed by Sharanya Arcot Desai).

  2. MEA interfacing PCB for electroplating and impedance testing (designed by Aaron Morris)

Other PCBs

Aside from the above PCBs, we use several other PCBs that were originally part of the real-time, all-channel simulator (RACS) system, created by Daniel Wagenaar and Steve Potter. Most importantly, we use the stimulus multiplexing boards to route signals generated by the voltage or current stimulus driver circuit (3 above) to the correct microelectrode on a microelectrode array.

  1. MCS stimulus multiplexing boards, which are shown in the picture below.

    Stimulus multiplexing boards on an MCS MEA1060 amplifier

    These were designed by Daniel Wagenaar  ( and presented in the following paper:

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This paper contains the design specifications, performance characteristics, etc. of the stimulus multiplexing boards designed for the MEA1060 amplifier from MCS. Please contact Daniel for these PCB designs.
John Rolston,
Jul 5, 2010, 5:14 AM
John Rolston,
Jul 5, 2010, 5:14 AM