Welcome to the Neuropsychology Students' Society!

    The NSS is an independent, not for profit, student-run society operating out of the University of Melbourne. We have three broad aims: 

    1) to provide members with a regular forum for academic and professional development,

    2) to foster discussion of broader philosophical and practical issues within the field of neuropsychology, and

    3) to promote socialising and networking amongst members across Melbourne.


    Our activities are designed to cater to the needs of clinical neuropsychology postgraduates from a wide variety of institutions but undergraduates and early career clinicians also attend. We are proud to offer free membership as well as free or low cost entry to our events.

    We feel that having access to a network of sympathetic peers in a relaxed environment is important for supporting initial and ongoing development of neuropsychological knowledge and clinical skills. The NSS provides a unique opportunity to form invaluable contacts both within Australia and abroad.

    The program of activities organised by the NSS each year includes fortnightly seminars held at the University of Melbourne as well as evening events which are both informative and social. The scope of our events range from practical skills workshops through to didactic lectures. We advertise upcoming events and distribute relevant reference material via our website and Facebook group. You can also peruse the website for a variety of other useful resources.

    If you would like to join the society, become involved with the committee, or just want further information, please contact us on the email address below. We also welcome any feedback you may have in order to help us develop an informative and relevant program of activities. Given our status as an independent student society, we are free to evolve as required to meet the needs of our members.

    We hope to see you at future NSS events!

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