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Dr. Vadim Nikulin, Principal Investigator


Research Topics:

  • Neuronal oscillations
    • functional significance
    • synchronization and causality analysis
    • relation to evoked responses
    • cross-frequency neuronal interactions
    • complexity analysis
  • Clinical studies
    • cortico-muscular interactions in stroke
    • neuronal dynamics in deep brain structures (patients with Parkinson’s disease)
  • Development of the novel analytic and recording techniques for EEG/MEG
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation in combination with EEG
  • Brain Computer Interface

Publications in peer-reviewed journals


  • Iscan Z, Nazarova M, Fedele T, Blagoveschenski E, Nikulin VV. Pre-stimulus Alpha Oscillations and Inter-subject Variability of Motor Evoked Potentials in Single- and Paired-Pulse TMS Paradigms. Frontiers Human Neuroscience 2016 (In Press).
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  • Schaworonkow N, Blythe DA, Kegeles J, Curio G, Nikulin VV. Power-law dynamics in neuronal and behavioral data introduce spurious correlations. Human Brain Mapping. 2015; 36: 2901-2914.  [pubmed]
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