KEMU Neurology

King Edward Medical University


Prof. Muhammad Nasrullah
Board Certified in Medicine (Iran)
Professor of Neurology

Brief History and Introduction

The department of Neurology was started at King Edward Medical College, Lahore in the year 1963, when a post of Assistant Professor of Neurology was sanctioned for the college. The same year Neurology out-patients department was also started and through the courtesy of East Medical Unit, of which Prof. Muhammad Akhtar Khan was the Professor incharge, a few beds were allocated to the specialty of Neurology.

In the year 1970, after shifting of Dermatology department to its present premises in the out-patient block of Mayo Hospital, and this was the first time Neurology Department had an independent location in the Madan Gopal Wing of Mayo Hospital, adjacent to present North Medical Ward.

In 1979, a scheme was drawn out for creation of well-designed modern department of Neurology in the out patient block of Mayo Hospital, Lahore. The scheme was ultimately sanctioned in 1981, the construction work was completed in 1982-83 and patients were shifted to the new premises in July 1983. Since then the ancillary as well as nursing and medical staff has been separately provided for the Department.

Prof. Munawar Hayat and Prof. Naeem-ul-Hameed were the first and second Head of Department, respectively. Currently, department is working under the Prof. Muhammad Nasrullah, the Head of Department.

Faculty Members of Neurology Ward

General Settings

Total beds: 41 (both males & females)
Neuro-electro-physiology Unit: (EEG & EMG) 01
Laboratory: 01
Physiotherapy Unit: 01
Angiography section: (Digital Subtraction Angiography – D.S.A.) 01
Conference room: 01
Class room 01
O.P.D. 01

Faculty List

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Muhammad Nasrullah Professor MBBS, FRCP (Edin)
2 Dr. Muhammad Naeem Kasuri Associate Professor MBBS, MRCP
3 Dr. Muhammad Athar Javed Assistant Professor MBBS, MRCP

List of teaching Programs

Postgraduate Programs

• FCPS Neurology
• MD Neurology

Undergraduate Program
• MBBS teaching
• BSc Physiotherapy

Following Lab Services an offered:-

• Neuro-electro-physiology unit (EMG technician, E.E.G. technician
• Physiotherapy unit (physiotherapist, aid physiotherapist)
• Laboratory technician,
• Angiography’s room (Technician)

Teaching Activities

• Weekly meeting of case presentation by the residents and house officers.
• Weekly joint meeting attended by all the staff members of the departments of Neurology, Radiology and Neurosurgery.
• Regular clinical classes for the undergraduates as well as in the ward and O.P.D.
• Post-graduate training course for doctors and postgraduate nurses held annually.
• Case presentation in the C.P.C. held in the Auditorium on the schedule.

Research Projects

• Beta interferer Therapy in patients with multiple sclerosis and out come in 50 patients.
• Thromplytic Therapy in acute ischeming stroke in 1000 patients.
• Comparative study of low dose anticoagulants in the prophylaxis of the secondary ischemic stroke.
• Study to evaluate the frequency of depressive symptoms in the patients of Parkinson’s disease.
• Study to see the frequency of depressive symptoms in the stroke patients.

Other contributions to Medical education and Research activities

• Post-graduate training course for doctors and postgraduate nurses held annually.
• Pakistan Journal of Neurology has been published by the department of Neurology, Mayo Hospital, Lahore since 1995 till last year, providing latest research papers, case reports and updates in Neurology bi-annually.

Services Available

• The facilities available are short wave & microwave diathermy, ultrasonotherapy, infra-red & ultra-violet rays and nerve stimulator. Apart from the above mentioned staff members also involve in the rehabilitation exercises and other material for rehabilitation of the patients as well as training of the attendants for exercises at home.

Data regarding outputs:

• Patients are admitted through O.P.D. and Emergency. Department is providing O.P.D. and Emergency cover for six days a week (from 08:00 am to 02:3 pm) and twice a week (from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm), respectively.