List of accepted workshop papers:

  1. Manuel J. A. Eugster, Tuukka Ruotsalo, Michiel M. Spapé, Ilkka Kosunen, Oswald Barral, Niklas Ravaja, Giulio Jacucci and Samuel Kaski. (2015) Predicting Relevance of Text from Neuro-Physiology. SIGIR 2015 Workshop on Neuro-Physiological Methods in IR Research (NeuroIR 2015).
  2. Ashlee Edwards and Diane Kelly. The Utility of Physiological Signals in Disambiguating Engagement and Frustration During Search
  3. Roberto González-Ibáñez and Chirag Shah. Affective Signals as Implicit Indicators of Information Relevancy and Information Processing Strategies
  4. Vincent Carrasco, Chris Foster, Margaret O'Brien, Kelly Giovanello and Javed Mostafa Mostafa. Characterizing the Neural Underpinnings of Human Information Seeking Behavior
  5. Catherine Smith and Paul Kantor. Top-Down Semantic Priming in Search and Discovery
  6. Qingtao Ren, Yongqiang Chen, Peng Zhang, Dawei Song and Yuexian Hou. Detecting regions of interest using eye tracking for CBIR
  7. Vahid Assadi, Khaled Hassanein, Milena Head and Scott Watter. Combining Traditional HCI and Neurophysiological Tools to Design Better Online Interfaces for Older Adults
  8. Yongqiang Chen, Wenya Zhang, Dawei Song, Peng Zhang, Qingtao Ren and Yuexian Hou. Inferring Document Readability by Integrating Eye Movement Features
  9. Xiang Li, Peng Zhang, Dawei Song, Guangliang Yu, Yuexian Hou and Bin Hu. EEG Based Emotion Identification Using Unsupervised Deep Feature Learning
  10. Alexandre Pereda-Baños, Ioannis Arapakis and Miguel Bareda-Ángeles. On Human Information Processing in Information Retrieval