2015 SIGIR Workshop/Tutorial on Neuro-Physiological Methods in IR Research

Santiago, Chile - 13th August 2015


This Tutorial+Workshop will discuss opportunities and challenges involved in using neuro-physiological tools/techniques and theories in information retrieval. 

The hybrid format will engage researchers and students at different levels of expertise, from those who are are active in this area to those who are interested and want to learn more. The workshop will combine presentations, discussions and tutorial elements and consist of four segments.  
1) Tutorial -  will offer guidance on how to start working with neuro-physiological tools in the context of IR. We will introduce and compare several tools, such as EEG, eye-tracking and fMRI, and will discuss best practices and useful tips, which will be helpful to all, not just those new to the area.
2) Completed research - experienced participants will present findings and lessons learned from their own work and will consider how neuro-cognitive and physiological tools, such as fMRI, fNIRS, eye-tracking, EEG, GSR, and analysis of facial expressions could further contribute to IR research questions.
3) Work-in-progress - participants, and particularly those who are starting out in this area, will present their planned/current work in lightning talks; group discussions will provide feedback and guidance.  
4) Closing panel - will discuss future directions and collaborations between workshop participants.

Important Dates

  • 1st June 2015 - Papers due (no further extensions)
  • 5th June 2015 - Notifications
  • 15th June 2015 - Camera ready papers due
  • 13th August 2015 - Workshop

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