Our mission

The  Neuroinformatics and Image Analysis Laboratory of The Neural Networks Research Group at The Department of Biomedicine, UoB is working at the intersection of neuroscience and information science. The laboratory, headed by Prof. Arvid Lundervold, focuses on methods and technologies for quantitative analysis of (neuro)biological signals and (neuro)imaging recordings. This in order to achieve better understanding of brain and tissue structure and function in health and disease. The laboratory is active in interdisciplinary training of students and researchers, and has also a link to The Department of Radiology at Haukeland University Hospital. We have extensive interactions with researchers in applied mathematics, computer science and engineering both at The University of Bergen (MedViz, BBG) and abroad (Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Czech Republic, UK). Our Lab is a partner in European Networks (e.g. COST B11 B21 NeuroMath) and bilateral student and researcher exchange programs (Erasmus, Aurora, DAAD, NILS). 


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Neuropsychology 2014 May 12  [Epub ahead of print]
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  Haász J, Hodneland E, Lundervold AJ, Lundervold A. Relationship between cortical thickness and white matter fibre bundle integrity in the ageing brain: A multimodal MRI study with tract parameterisation. In revision.

Conference proceedings / posters / abstracts

 Lundervold A, Khateeb H. Numerical estimation of the BOLD response in event-related fMRI. 25th Annual INS Mid-Year Meeting, Stockholm, July 24-27, 2002. [PDF]

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  Lundervold AJ, Andersson M, Geitung J-T, Reinvang I, Lundervold A.
White matter and processing efficacy in older adults. 2008 International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease (ICAD2008), Chicago, July 26-31, 2008. [PDF] [ODP]
Andersson M, Ystad M, Lundervold A, Lundervold AJ. Auditory attention control correlates with cortical thickness of posterior left middle frontal gyrus. 
5th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (HBM2009), San Francisco, CA, June 18-23, 2009.  [PPT]
• Losnegård A, Hysing LB,  Munthe-Kaas AZ, Muren L, Hodneland E, Lundervold A. Semi-automatic segmentation of the large intestine for radiotherapy planning. 10th Biennial ESTRO Conference on Physics and Radiation Technology for Clinical Radiotherapy (ESTRO 2009), Maastricht, The Netherland, Aug 30 - Sep 3, 2009. [PDF] [LaTeX .rar
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• Lundervold  A. Consciousness- dynamical systems - resting state fMRI.

Consciousness and its Measures - Joint Workshop for COST Actions Consciousness  (BM0605) and Neuromath (BM0601), Limassol, Cyprus, November 29 - December 1 2009.  [PDF] [LaTeX .tgz

• Ystad M, Hodneland E, Eichele T, Lundervold A. Cross-modality identification of maximal age related subcortical connectivity change - A combined resting state fMRI and diffusion tensor imaging study. Workshop of the NeuroMath COST Action BM0601 - Neurodynamic Insight into Functional Connectivity, Cognition, and Consciousness, Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 26-28, 2010. [PDF] [Abstract Frontiers]

• Losnegard A, Hartveit E, Veruki ML, Karolczak L, Munthe-Kaas AZ, Kocinski M, Hodneland E, Lundervold A. Automated 3D segmentation and morphological reconstruction of retinal neurons.  NevroNor: New Concepts in Neuroscience, Bergen, Norway, May 26-28 2010.  [PDF][LaTeX .tgz][Abstract]

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• Ystad M, Hodneland E, Adolfsdottir S, Lundervold AJ, Eichele T, Lundervold A. Subcortical structural connectivity between resting state networks in cognitive aging. NevroNor: New Concepts in Neuroscience, Bergen, Norway, May 26-28 2010.  [PDF][Abstract]

• Ystad M, Hodneland E, Adolfsdottir S, Lundervold AJ, Eichele T, Lundervold A. 

Age related cognitive changes and subcortical structural connections between resting state networks. Oral presentation at the 16th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (HBM 2010), Barcelona, Spain, June 6-10, 2010.  [PPTX][Abstract][E-poster]

• Lundervold A. The role of mathematics in the study of structural and functional brain connectivity. Invited plenary talk at 4th International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Simulation, Modelling, 

Corfu Island, Greece, July 22-25, 2010.  [PDF

[LaTeX .tgz]
 Losnegård A. Fast marching tractography from multiple diffusion sensitizing directions in MR-DTI from the brain. Oral presentation at the 7th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA 2011), September 4-6, 2011, Dubrovnik, Croatia  [PPTX]
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 Hodneland E, Lundervold A, Rørvik J, Munthe-Kaas AZ. Normalized gradient fields and mutual information for motion correction of DCE-MRI images. Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA 2013), September 4-6, 2013, Trieste, Italy [IEEE Xplore [PDF]

Lab members  [Internal web]

 Blumenfeld, Jacek [g+] Visiting PhD-student  Lodz (TUL)
 Eikeland, Rune (MSc, cognitive neurosci) PhD-student  
 Fjær, Sveinung (MSc, math)  PhD-student

 Haász, Judit  (MD)
 Hanson, Erik (MSc, math) PhD-student

 Hodneland, Erlend (PhD, imag)
 Researcher /
 Kurzawski, Jan (MSc-stud +MD-stud)  Erasmus  Lodz    (TUL)
 Losnegård, Are   (PhD, imag)
 Dept. Radiology
 Lundervold, Arvid (BSc, MD, PhD)
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 Tekie, Kiniena (Medical student) Research track 
 Valestrand, Eivind (Medical student) Research track HUH
 Vik, Alexandra    (MSc, neurosci) PhD-student
 Woźniak, Tomasz Visiting PhD-student Lodz (TUL)


 Garcia Saiz, Tomas  (PhD-stud) NILS UNED Madrid
 Hysing, Liv Bolstad  (Postdoc)  Aarhus/UoB
 Izard, Edouard  (MSc)  ISIMA Clermont-Ferrand
 Karolczak, Lukasz  (Diploma-stud) Erasmus
 TUL Lodz
 Klepaczko, Artur (PhD) Ass. Prof
 TUL Lodz
 Kociński , Marek  (PhD)
 Ass. Prof
 TUL Lodz
 Malinsky, Milos  (PhD)  VUT Brno
 Mamrot, Mateusz  (Diploma-stud) Erasmus TUL Lodz
 Peter, Roman (Postdoc)  Mayo Clinic
 Sikora, Marcin  (PhD-stud)  HUH Bergen
 Zöllner, Frank  (PhD) Researcher Mannheim
 Ystad, Martin  (MD,  PhD)  


 Anderlik, Csaba  (PhD) ResearcheruniBCCS/HPC
 Barra, Vincent  (PhD) Professor ISIMA
 Eichele, Tom    (MD, PhD)
 Professor UoB/fMRI
 Godtliebsen, Fred   (PhD)
 Professor UoT/Stat
 Hauser, Helwig  (PhD) Professor UoB/Vis
 Hugdahl, Kenneth  (PhD) Professor UoB/fMRI
 Lundervold, Astri J.  (PhD) Professor  UoB/Psych
 Lundervold, Alexander (PhD) Postdoc INRIA, FR
 Materka, Andrzej  (DSc) Professor  TUL/Eng
 Malyshev, Alexander  (PhD) Professor UoB/Math
 Munthe-Kaas, Antonella Z. (PhD) Professor  UoB/Math
 Munthe-Kaas, Hans  (PhD) Professor  UoB/Math
 Oeltze, Steffen (PhD) PostdocMagdeburg/Vis
 Rørvik, Jarle  (MD, PhD) Professor UoB/Radiol
 Sandu, Anca-Larisa  (PhD) Research fellow Aberdeen/abic
 Tai, Xue-Cheng  (PhD) Professor  UoB/Math
 Taxt, Torfinn  (MD, PhD) Professor UoB/HUH
 Thomassen, Lars  (MD, PhD)
 Professor UoB/BSRG

Former students
  • Bergmann, Ørjan   (MSc in Neuroinformatics, September 18th 2002;  co-supervisor with and Prof. Steihaug and Dr. B. Srebro ) "Discrete Event Simulation in Java with Applications in Rodent Navigation" (Grade: 1.4)  [PDF]
  • Brekke, Cecilie  (MSc in Human and Experimental Physiology, May 31st 2001) "Physiological Imaging of the Human Brain Using Diffusion and Perfusion MRI" (Grade: 1.4)  [PDF]
  • Brox, Ivan (MD student [særoppgave, kull-02A], Medical imaging) "Motion Correction of the Kidneys in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI for Quantification of Renal Structure and Function" (Grade: Pass)
  • Hadziavdic, Vedad (MSc in Applied physics, co-supervisor with Dr. Melandsø) "A Comparative Study of Active Contour Models for Boundary Detection in Brain Images"  (Grade: 1.3) [PDF]
  • Hamre, Bjørn (MSc in Computer science, December 15th 1998) "Three-Dimensional Image Registration of Magnetic Resonance (MRI) Head Volumes" (Grade: 1.3) [PDF]
  • Hansen, Sigmund  (MD student [særoppgave, kull-95], Medical informatics) "Digitalt anatomisk atlas basert på tredimensjonale MR-opptak av hodet" (test) (Grade: Pass)  [PDF]
  • Hanson, Erik (MSc in Applied and Computational Mathematics, July 1st 2010; co-supervisor with Prof. Hans Munthe-Kaas) "A Lanczos-view on Independent Component Analysis of fMRI Data" (Grade: A) [PDF]
  • Hillesund, Øyvind (MSc in Applied Statistics, NTNU, co-supervisor with Prof. Godtliebsen, 1993)  "Tissue Characterization in Multispectral MR Images using Artificial Neural Networks" (Grade: 1.25)
  • Hisdal, Pål Magne (MSc in Computer science, July 6th 1998) "Volume Visualization of Structural and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data from the Human Brain" (Grade: 1.3)  [paalma.mpg]
  • Khateeb, Inger Helen (MSc in Medical Informatics, June 22nd 2001; co-supervisor with Prof. Steihaug) "Event-Related Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) of the Brain: Models and Estimation of the Haemodynamic BOLD Response" (Grade: 1.6) [PDF]
  • Leidland, Einar (MSc in Human Physiology, July 20th 2011) "Brain Computer Interface (SSVEP-BCI and P300-BCI) - Neurophysiology and Experimental Examples" (Grade: C) [PDF
  • Losnegård, Are (PhD in Biomedical imaging, August 13th 2013) "Segmentation of tubular structures in biomedical images"
  • Lysaker, Marius (MSc in Applied Mathematics, January 15th 2001 ; co-supervisor with Prof. Tai) "Støyreduksjon i MR-bilder"  (Grade: 1.4)  [PDF]
  • Nielsen, Lars Kristian   (MSc in Applied Mathematics, February 17th 2003, co- supervisor with Prof. Tai) "Elastic Registration of Medical MR Images"  (Grade: 1.6) [PDF]
  • Nygård, Merethe (MSc in Human Physiology, November 2007, co-supervisor with Prof. K. Hugdahl and Dr. R. Grüner) "Corpus Callosum Agenesi - Strukturell og Funksjonell Kartlegging ved Bruak av Multiparametrisk MRI og Dikotisk Lytting" (Grade: B)
  • Nøkleby, Thomas (MSc in Computer science, December 19th 2000) "Design and Implementation of JAtlas - A Platform Independent Brain Atlas" (Grade: 1.7) [PDF]
  • Oppedal, Ketil (MSc student in MR-physiology, Medical informatics, June 13th 2005) "Quantitative Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Human Brain - The Effect of Varying Number of Acquisitions and Number of Diffusion Sensitizing Directions" (Grade: A)  [PDF]
  • Oppegaard, Oddvar   (MD student [særoppgave, kull-97], Medical informatics) "Anvendelse av MRI i Studiet av Eksperimentell og Klinisk Tumorfysiologi med Vekt på Angiogenese"   (Grade: Pass)  [PDF]
  • Ponnuthurai, Amuthini (MSc project student, Biomedical Engineering:  Human Function and its Measurement, 4B Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) "Parameter Estimation in Brain Imaging Using Diffusion Weighted MRI (DWI)"
  • Stålsett, Eli  (MSc student, Experimental and Human Physiology, 2004) "In Vivo Mapping of Tumor Microcirculation Parameters Using Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MR Imaging" (Grade: 1.3) [PDF]
  • Sæthre, Kristian R.  (MD student [særoppgave, kull-97], Neuroinformatics) "Brain function and neural network modelling" (Grade: Pass)
  •  Ystad, Martin A (PhD, Neuroimaging, December 3rd 2010) "Quantitative Structural and Functional Brain Imaging in Cognitive Aging" [PDF]

Research projects & collaborations

Lectures / invited talks / courses

  • Tutorial on MRI - 1996 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR '96), June 18-20, 1996 San Francisco, CA, USA. IEEE Computer Society 1996  [PDF]
  • Hjerne og Adferd (Presentasjon i forbindelse med UiB´s 50-års jubileum, 1996)  [HTML]
  • First Norwegian Symposium on Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain - Theoretical and Practical Issues, Bergen, 15-16 May 1997 [HTML]
  • Matematikk i medisinsk bildediagnostikk - MRI (Presentasjon ved Matematisk felleskollokvium, UiB 21.10.1998) [HTML]
  • fMRI - Basic Principles, Physiological Mechanisms and Data Analysis (Nordic Psychophysiological Conference, Oslo, 13-15 March, 1998) [PDF] [LaTeX]
  • Inspeksjon av den levende hjerne m/ klasse 9 Slåtthaug skole (Forskningsdagene i Bergen 2001, 21-30 september)  [PPT] - Tildelt 1. pris
  • Kurs i hjernens blod- og væskesirkulasjon, Bergen, 2-4 november 2009  (CBF- regulering: [PDF] ;  BOLD fMRI: [PDF] )
  • University of Bergen / Neuroinformatics and Image Analysis - Presentation at the Technical University of Lodz (TUL), Poland, 7 June 2010. [Link]  Lectures: [Intro MRI PDF][MR-DTI PDF]
  • 4th International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Simulation, Modelling (ASM'10), Corfu Island, Greece, July 22-25, 2010.   The Role of Mathematics in the Study of Structural and Functional Brain Connectivity.
  • ERASMUS Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Basic MRI Physics - Functional MRI module, Lodz, Poland, September 13-17, 2010 [PDF]
  • Biomedical Image Analysis (BMED205), November 3, 2010  [PPTX]; BMED205 data analysis example using R, LaTeX, and JabRef   [.zip]
  • Methods in Neurophysiology (BMED340B), November 22, 2010: Structural and Functional Brain Connectivity from MRI [PDF]
  • Menneske og Maskin, Studentersamfunnet i Bergen, Upop-møte, Kvarteret, 15 mars 2011 (http://samfunnet.uib.no/events/menneske-og-maskin)  [PDF]
  • Multimodal analysis - work in progress, CAS project kickoff meeting, Oslo, 22-24 August 2011 (http://www.cas.uio.no/research/1112cognition/Program.pdf)
  • Menneske og (data)maskin, Forskningsdagene i Bergen, 28 September 2011 [PPTX]
  • Assessing brain connectivity using RS-fMRI and graph theory in the context of open discovery science. Visual Computing Forum, UiB, Bergen, 30 September 2011. [PDF]
  • Functional MRI - Signal Processing and Applications, Joint Conference NTVA / SPA IEEE 2012, Lodz, Poland, 27-29 September 2012  [PDF]
  • 2013 IEEE SPS Summer School on Biomedical Image Processing and Analysis, June 8-14, Dubrovnik, Croatia (SSBIPA2013) Lectures - 10a: Texture Analysis [PPTX] [PDF]; 10b: Texture analysis synopsis [TEX] [BIB] [BST] [PDF] ; 21: Brain connectivity [PDF]
  • 2013 Informatics Division Visiting Professor, Department of Radiology of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA  October 29-30, 2013 (Prof. Bradley J. Erickson Lab)  Lectures  -  1: Multimodal MR imaging and neuropsychology in a longitudinal project on ‘cognitive aging’ [PDF]2: Methodological and cross-disciplinary challenges in quantitative imaging - integration of tools, algorithms, and competences [PDF]; 3: The MedViz research cluster in Bergen - collaborative opportunities (http://medviz.uib.no) [PDF]
  • BBB Seminar, January 16th 2014. Arvid Lundervold: My sabbatical year 2013: Image analysis in space and time "  [PDF]
  • Department of Informatics, UiB Seminar, April 24th 2014. Arvid Lundervold: " Computational Medicine - Opportunities and Challenges [PDF]
  • Neurobiology - MED1NEVRO @ Medical school (in Norwegian)  20 ECTS   [rom] [tp]
               Motoriske systemer:
    • Introduksjon / Muskelfysiologi 1  [PDF
    • Muskelfysiologi 2   [PDF
    • Ryggmargen og spinale reflekser   [PDF
    • Motorisk kontroll & sentrale motoriske baner  [PDF
    • Basalgangliene   [PDF
    • Cerebellum   [PDF
    • Kontroll av øyebeveglser  [PDF

A vision for engineering and biomedicine ...

Cohen JE, 2004. Mathematics is biology’s next microscope, only better;  biology is mathematics’ next physics, only better. PLoS Biol, 2(12):e439.

Adapted from: C. Dollery and R. Kitney, Systems biology: A vision for engineering and medicine, Technical report, The Academy of Medical Sciences and The Royal Academy of Engineering, London, UK, Feb. 2007

Adapted from Palsson, BO. Systems biology: Properties of reconstructed networks. Cambridge University Press, 2006.