Manchester Workshop on Local Field Potentials

Local Field Potentials (LFPs) are recorded in the brain by low pass filtering the extarcellular signals recorded with extracellualr electrodes. LFPs are believed to reflect important subthershold integrative processes that complement action potential recordings, yet their origina and meaning is not completely understood. Many researchers are now interested in understanding what LFP can realy tell about the local computations performed in the cortical network. The Manchester LFP Workshop will address this problem by bringing together leading international speakers from computational and systems neuroscience.

The aim of the workshop is to present cutting edge empirical and theoretical research on the meaning of Local Field Potentials from a multidisciplinary perspective.

  • Date and time: 4th April 2008, , 10:30 to 17:00
  • Venue: The University of Manchester, Michael Smith Building Seminar Room, Rumford Street (off Dover Street, building 71 on the University campus map).
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  • Registration :Registration and attendance are free. However, places are limited, so we suggest that you register as soon as possible by sending an email to with your name and work affiliation 
  • Attendance : only registered participants can attend
  • Travel grants : a limited number of travel grants are available for participants within the UK. To apply send an e-mail to
  • Programme:

10:00 Registration and refreshments (Michael Smith lounge)

Session I:

10:25 Wellcome

10:30 Jozsef Csicsvari (University of Oxford)

The role of network oscillations in organising hippocampal cell assemblies

11:15 Stefano Panzeri (University of Manchester)

The information content of local field potentials and spikes in visual cortex

12:00 Buffet lunch (Michael Smith lounge)

Session II:

13:30 Stuart Baker (University of Newcastle)

Correlating LFP with the periphery: corticomuscular coherence and directed coherence

14:15 Alain Destexhe (CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette)

The 1/f frequency scaling of local field potentials and its relation to neuronal activity

15:00 Refreshments (Michael Smith lounge)

Session III:

15:30 Nicolas Brunel (University of Paris V)

Fast oscillations in network models

16:15 Rosalyn Moran (University College London)

Bayesian Inference on population synaptic physiology using Neural Mass Models of Local Field Potentials

17:00 End of workshop