Betty Neuman  Timeline (Kuiper, 2011)
 1924Betty Neuman was born in Lowel, Ohio.

 1947Obtained her diploma as a Registered Nurse from Peoples Hospital School of Nursing in Akron, Ohio.

 1957Completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UCLA.

 1966Completed her Master of Science in Mental Health from UCLA.

 1970Neuman System's Model was developed as a teaching tool for graduate nursing students.

 1972Nursing Research published her article, "A model for teaching total person approach to patient problems.

 1974She refined her model and was published in Riehl & Roy, Conceptual Models for Nursing Practice. Her work was classified as a systems model, and titled “The Betty Neuman Health-Care Systems Model: A Total Person Approach to Patient Problems”.

  1980Transition from the word "patient" to "client."

 1982 Published first book, The Neuman Systems Model:  Application to Nursing Education & Practice.  In this book she expanded her model to include families and communities.  It focused on holistic client care.

 1985 Earned a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Pacific Western University.

The Neuman Systems Model, 2nd ed. published.  This book expanded to definition of environment and added spiritual as 5th variable that we see in the model today.

 The Neumann College in Pennsylvania awarded her with an Honorary Doctorate of Letters.

The Neuman Systems Model, 3rd ed. published.

 1998 The Grand Valley State University in Michigan awarded her with an Honorary Doctorate of Science.

 2002 The Neuman Systems Model, 4th ed published.

 2010 The Neuman Systems Model, 5th ed published.

YouTube Video

Youtube video of a clip of Betty Neuman, Ph. D explaining the creation of the
 Neuman Systems Model

Interesting Facts about Betty Neuman and The Neuman System's Model
  • The original diagram created in 1970 is the same unaltered diagram used today
  • Betty Neuman has shared her knowledge with the students of many colleges in the country and is considered one of the top influential nursing theorists.
  • Fourteenth Neuman Systems Model International Biennial Symposium will be held in Vancouver, BC on June 6-8, 2013