A Mathematician's Journeys

Otto Neugebauer between history and practice of the exact sciences 

A Conference at New York University, November 12-13, 2010
Location: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (15 East 84th Street, New York NY 10028)

2010 marks the twentieth anniversary of Otto Neugebauer’s death. Neugebauer, more than any other scholar of recent times, shaped the way we perceive and study ancient science. Less known among historians of science but just as important is his role in the contemporary mathematical community. Though he only coauthored a single mathematical paper not on a historical subject, Neugebauer’s career was at the heart of the mathematical life during the period before, during and after World War II. While tracing the ancient transmission of the mathematical sciences, Neugebauer was himself part of a modern stage of these processes, and his career as much as his scholarship responded to his conviction that mathematical reasoning was a phenomenon unlimited by nationality, language, or culture.

In the present conference, which will be hosted by the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World and the Courant Institute at NYU, we propose to cast new light on the many facets of Neugebauer's career, his impact on the history and practice of mathematics, and the ways in which his legacy has been preserved or transformed in recent decades, looking ahead to the directions in which the study of the history of science will head in the twenty-first century. 

For further information about the conference, or if you plan to attend, please email isaw@nyu.edu or telephone (212) 992-7843.

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