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We had a Career Panel from 10:00-11:00 with both established Software Professionals and recent graduates talking about their experiences in their careers and answering questions from the audience. The Panelists were
  • Consuelo Valdes, Research in the Human Computer Interaction lab at Wellesley College
  • Emily Reid, recent Tufts CS Alumni working at Mitre on Computer Security
  • Zachary Broderick, recent grad from WPI (MS) and Brandeis (BS) working at Shareabolic
  • Susan Patterson, Director of Engineering, Brooktrout Products, Dialogic Research
  • Jessica McKellar, Software Engineer at kSplice 

The panel was a great success, with all panelists relating personal stories that everyone could relate to. They also tackled some nuanced issues like
  • gender discrimination for software engineers and
  • effective steps to deal with it (for women and for men!)
  • the importance of strong communication skills for engineers,
  • the excitement of working in a startup or a larger company using agile development methodology,
  • the challenges of managing a team,
  • the joy of working on challenging problems and wearing multiple hats,
  • the strength of the job market for software engineers and
  • the importance of finding a job that is right for you, among others.
Ben Hescott (Tufts) was the interviewer for the panel and did a great job asking thoughful and germane questions!