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prize winners

The demos and posters were judged by graduate students and software professionals based on their creativity, technical achievement, and presentation. The judges were uniformly impressed at the quality of the presentations so it was hard to pick winners!

Here are the results of the judging:

Best project from an Introductory Computer Science Class

Solving for Optimal Life-Time Consumption and Retirement Age

Asaf Meir, sophomore at Brandeis University
Andres Shahidinejad
Research and Faculty Mentors: Antonella DiLillo and George Hall

Best project from an upper level Computer Science Class

Tracking of Chlorophyta Motion in Presence of Uniformly Distributed Red Light
Rebecca Goldblum, senior at Brandeis University,
Mara Rosenberg,
Ophir Silverman

Research and Faculty Mentor: Antonella DiLillo

Best extracurricular project

The Artemis Project
Durrah Almansour, junior at Boston University
with Coordinators:
Katherine Zhao (Senior).
Kim Win (Senior).
Ita Kane (Senior).
Sarah Hall (Senior).
Faculty: Cynthia Brossman.
URL http://www.bu.edu/lernet/artemis

Best senior honors thesis or research project

Using Rigidity Theory To Identify Hinge Joints in Proteins
Rittika Shamsuddin, senior at Mount Holyoke College
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/rmrt1234/research

Best project overall

TurtleBlocks: Blocks for Constructing Tangible Turtle Tracings
Karishma Chadha, sophomore at Wellesley College
Emily Erdman (Junior),
Erin Davis (First Year)