Safety with Lab Centrifuges

A centrifuge is a common laboratory equipment. It is driven by an electric motor which rotates the device at a very high speed. Thus it is useful in separating the components of the blood in blood banks besides having a great many other applications. It is important to consider several different factors while purchasing a centrifuge. And it is more important to consider the safety features of the device. It is necessary to make sure that the device is safe to use since accidents do tend to occur even when using centrifuge in a laboratory.

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It is advisable to choose a centrifuge with a secure interlocking lid. Ideally the lid of the centrifuge should not be open when the centrifuge is in use. Also if the lid is opened when the centrifuge is in use there should be a shut down mechanism in place that switches off the centrifuge. It can be quite dangerous if the lid opens and the centrifuge is still in working state.

The centrifuge should have a strong base so that it does not vibrate or wobble while it is in use. At times when the centrifuge is in use it tends to wobble and vibrate and shake a lot. This is not a good sign and can be dangerous and thus the device should be shut down immediately (manually) under such circumstances. The shaking of the centrifuge can also cause spills. The substance used for the test may sometimes be hazardous as well and thus it is necessary to handle the spills with caution.

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The laboratory centrifuge may be simple to use however it is necessary that it be operated by qualified personal only since any error could be disastrous. In addition to which the device should ideally be installed only by the certified personal too.

It is necessary to balance the load of the centrifuge before starting the process. Water should be used to fill a tube with equal volume as the specimen that is being tested. The balancing tube should also consider the density of the liquid. Unbalanced centrifuge is one of the main causes of vibration or shaking of the centrifuge while it is use. Besides which you should ensure not to use any defective tubes. Tubes that are cracked should be replaced with new ones.

Finally it is essentially to wear some face shield in the form of goggles while working with the centrifuge in the laboratory.

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