Network scan
Discover and manage all network devices.
Wake On LAN (WOL) 
Allow to wake up a remote device.
Secure SHell (SSH) 
Switch off, stand-by or monitoring remote device.
Wifi scan 
Find all near wifi networks.
Wifi connection information
Show all information about wifi connection.
Mobile provider information
Show all information about mobile connection.
Monitoring remote devices 
Show remote devices information.
Monitoring access to network wifi 
Monitoring if new devices are connected to wifi.
Ping functionality 
Send ICMP packet to target host.
Port scanner 
Discover all ports opened.
Backup/Restore data on local folder 
Backup/Restore database inside the smartphone.
Import/Export data from/to .csv 
Import/Export all network information from/to .csv.
Send packet and trace them.

IP calculator
MAC address lookup 
Network position
Show the position of network scanned.

Backup/Restore data on Google drive
Backup/Restore database on Google drive.

Monitoring internet connection 
Monitoring if the internet connection is available.
IP location
Show the IP address position.
DNS lookup     
Speed test