Net Worth vs. Level of Education

Net Worth vs. Level of Education

Take a look at the most successful people in the world, and you will notice a common element among some, and even most, of them. Success stories like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and other individuals who are at the top of their fields didn't get there using their college degrees. Younger millionaires Napster's Sean Parker are encouraging their peers to forgo traditional education altogether and take advantage of all the educational opportunities provided by the internet for free. And although Mark Zuckerberg enrolled in Harvard and came up with the earliest version of Facebook there, he did drop out of college to pursue the venture that is now the Facebook of today.

This is not to say that a college education will get you nowhere. However, a college degree is never a prerequisite to success. In fact, there are so many examples out there of people who made millions, even if they did not have college degrees because they dropped out or could not afford to go to college. In some instances, hard work, passion, and sheer determination are all you need to succeed.

Net Worth vs. Level of Education: Do You Really Need a College Degree?
In a study done by Forbes on top Fortune 500 Company founders, they found that many CEOs dropped out of college but went on to found their massive empires nonetheless. Most of these individuals either started out poor or simply dropped out because school got in way of bigger things, like Michael Dell who was making computers while taking a Biology course on the side, a course that he never got around to completing. In fact, many self made millionaires often had to choose between spending four years inside a university classroom or spending the days earning from their passions. Tom Szaky, founder of Terracycle, dropped out of college to groom his business which hit $7.5 million in revenues in 2009. Cameron Johnson, founder of, was already earning more than most adults were earning while still in high school, and just went into college to please his parents and to build his business contacts. He soon dropped out after seeing his name in one of the business textbooks.

It is easy to see that a college diploma is not a surefire way to success. Smarts, passion, and a natural ingenuity are traits that most millionaires have in common, and these are traits that are often not learned in school. College is not all that bad, especially for those who really want to go into it to learn. However, the notion that going to college is the only path to success is now slowly being challenged by a new and younger set of entrepreneurs who choose to ride on passion and hard work rather than textbooks and exams. College also requires you to fork over thousands of dollars for four years of college, something that some people cannot or do not want to spend. And this is totally alright, because more and more people are discovering that you can achieve your dreams even without that college degree. 

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