Matt Blazek's List of Projects

Blazek compiled a list of projects on a CD in 2011.  That list has been growing.  To obtain the latest version of this list, contact Matt Blazek at

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Facebook profile of an Olympian God

Matt Blazek's list of projects for a digital portfolio

The CD with the full set of examples is expected to be released after June 2013.

Send your suggestions for projects to

You can distribute this partial list of projects if you give full credit to Matt Blazek and include this description with the item.  Please contact Matt Blazek with your comments, suggestions and completed projects so that the list of projects can be expanded.

The document is COPYRIGHT Matt Blazek 2012.  It is distributed with the aim of giving teachers an idea about what "projects in the classroom" might look like.   The full CD, expected to cost $99, will have updates and detailed step-by-step procedures that have been tested in Matt's classroom.

Included in this sample are 21 topics to give teachers a starting point.

Suggested use:  
a)  give a copy to every student
b)  for students who quickly get "cognitive overload" and can't decide, it is recommended that a limit of four ideas for projects should be given at first.
Dennis Yuzenas [] has used a "four of 17" approach, where students select four major and minor projects to complete in a term of 16 weeks.  Projects are major (more than four weeks) and minor (less than 4 weeks) depending on intensity of involvement by the student.  Some students prefer to be shown only 6 choices (more choices lead to an inability to choose).
c)  use a video camera to capture draft performances.  Put the video recordings as well as digital "ebook" archives to help students see the progression that they have made over time.
d)  REFLECTION:  ask students to talk about and write about their work.   Create a massive portfolio and then ask students to put highlights into the "mastery" portfolio.  When students feel that they have created something that they are proud of, they can put that item into the master portfolio.
e)  share the work with other teachers and students:  use youtube and other video-sharing and file-sharing ( media.

Send links to Matt Blazek for possible use in future editions of the Project and Portfolio CD.


a)  Newspaper of the Gods:  what would a tabloid newspaper have looked like if the Olympians had lived in the 20th Century?  

b)  Twitter a summary of a major speech or event:

"Uh oh, I'm the guy who liveblogged the Osama raid"

c)  a sample Powerpoint Presentation about "the impact of movies"

d)  how to write a bill 

e)  how to create a country

f)  write a resume and LinkedIn profile for a Hindu god


FIND QUOTATIONS and then explain them.
TWITTER summary of a speech


Use Twitter to summarize an important event in history....


Find people who want to learn and practice English and create conversations.