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This network connects teachers.
1. The student is the class.
2. Begin with the student (not the book).
3. Listen more than talk.
It is important to reduce the "teacher talking time."
Send your ideas to TheEbookman@gmail.com
"One kid at a time"
Find the "passion" in every child
MORE   Procedures that work

Algunos maestros tienen mentes abiertas. Esta red conecta estos profesores.
1. El alumno es la clase.
2. Comience con el estudiante (no el libro).
3. Escuchar más que hablar. Es importante reducir el tiempo de conversación del maestro.
Envíe sus ideas a TheEbookman@gmail.com
un joven a la vez 
personalizar el apredizaje 
encontrar la pasion de cada alumno

Dennis Yuzenas, mentor and master teacher

Projects with videos that Dennis Yuzenas organized.

Home page in Deutsch
Some quotes (in Deutsch)

You have a choice:  
Options for students in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America;
1.  Stay in your country, continue in the traditional school system, but develop the program described by BIG PICTURE and ONE KID AT A TIME
2.  Exchange study program (perhaps with a school like OAPB.org)
3.  Will Sutherland's school 
4.  Attend one of the Big Picture schools  BigPicture.org
5.  Find a teacher by Skype to be an advisor.  Study the curriculum described by Eliot Levine in One Kid At A Time.


Certains enseignants ont l'esprit ouvert. Ce réseau relie ces enseignants.
1. L'étudiant est la classe.
2. Commencez par l'étudiant (pas le livre).
3. Écoutez plus que parler.
Il est important de réduire le «temps de l'enseignant à parler."
Envoyez vos idées à  


بعض المعلمين لديهم عقول مفتوحة.
هذه الشبكة تربط هؤلاء المعلمين.
1. الطالب هو الفئة.
2. تبدأ مع الطالب (وليس كتاب).
3. الاستماع أكثر من الكلام.
انها مهمة للحد من "الوقت للمعلمين للحديث."
إرسال أفكارك إلى
QUOTES in Arabic

When I travel to a city, I want to visit a school, observe how the teachers teach and learn something.

If they ask for suggestions, then I'm ready to give them the materials in their language whenever possible.

I want give teachers some free materials, mostly in English, but selections can be found already translated (the TED talks) and those are just a matter of capturing, pasting in files and giving away.




North America

South America

Alcuni insegnanti hanno menti aperte. 
Questa rete collega questi insegnanti.
1. Lo studente è la classe.
2. Iniziare con lo studente (non con il libro di testo).
3. Ascoltare più che parlare.
E' importante che gli insegnanti parlino meno. (piú tempo agli studenti per parlare) 
Inviate le vostre idee a :

Barak Rosenshine's 17 principles for good learning
Richard E. Clark's article about guidelines for using projects (Clark, Kirschner and Sweller 2012)

Free Pronunciation Chart (developed by the University of Havana)