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Over the years, I've looked across the internet for interesting and useful networking tools and I've noticed that searching by search engine generally gives up the same "old" results. Like things from 4 or 5 years ago that aren't useful or updated any more.  (How many times do you see the sectools list of best security software *from 2003*?)

I decided to make this list to help out. Some of these programs are not new, some are not free (most are) and some are even included in Windows or Linux. Most have descriptions, some do not, I hope to add descriptions to all of them, but it takes time that I do not have.

Shoot me an email at boardstretcher (gmail) if you have anything you think should be added.

Remote Connection
    SSH clients, RDP Clients, Terminal Emulators...

    Putty (Windows)
    PortaPutty (Windows)
    SuperPutty (Windows)
    Kitty (Windows)
    ConnectBot (Android)
    WinSCP (Windows)
    Terminator (Linux)
FileZilla Ftp Client (Windows)
TeraTerm (Windows)
Remote Desktop (Windows)
            (included with Windows - I prefer the Windows 7 Version)

Mremote (Windows)
    Vmware Infrastructure Client (Windows)
            (included with ESX or Infrastructure - Just wanted to mention it)

    OpenSSL (Windows, Linux)
    OpenVPN (Windows, Linux)

    MiniCom (Linux)
(Linux, Windows)
            (included in Windows/putty -- remember to activate it in Vista)

    Inssider (Windows)
            Wifi network scanning utlity

    Netstumbler (Windows)
            Wifi network scanning utility

    Kismet (Linux)
            Wifi network scanning utility

air-utils (Linux)
            Wifi network scanning and cracking suite

Network Analyzing

    Wireshark (Windows, Linux)
            Network analyzer

    Colasoft Capsa (Windows)
            The king of network analyzers
    Live HTTP Headers for Firefox
            See live http header requests and replies in firefox.

    Angry Ip Scanner (Windows)
            Simple, small IP range scanner

    Snort and Base
            Intrusion detection system and log analysis tool

Networking Related Applications

    Cisco Network Assistant (Windows)

    ISPConfig (Linux)

    UnTangle (Linux)

    Network and Security Manager (Windows)

    Apache Directory Studio (Windows, Linux)

    Spacewalk (Linux)

    ClickStream or ClickPath User Analysis (Windows)

            (included in Windows)

            (Included in Windows)


    Flint (Linux)
            Cisco PIX/ASA firewall rulebase auditing

    MS baseline security analyzer



            Gui text editor. Awesome amount of plugins. Very lean, very fast. Great for programming.

    Amaya (Windows)
            Gui website editor. Actually made and maintained by the WC3 consortium who make up the web standards.

    Nano and Vi (Linux)
            ("vi" is available in nearly most flavors of *nix)
            Vi is a visual editor for the console. Quick and easy to use. Nano is a pico clone, relying more on CTRL key combinations to edit and manipulate text.

    Gedit (Linux)
            Simple gui text editor. Plenty of extensions out there. Powerful if you use it right.

    Gnote (Linux)
            Application for taking notes in text format. Sort of like MS OneNote.

    Baskets (Linux)
            Application for taking notes in text format. Sort of like MS OneNote.

    Nevernote (Linux) or Evernote (Windows)
            Note taking application, with syncronization accross multiple clients, including linux, windows, and mobile. Text, voice or photos.

Useful Sites
    Temporary Code Pasting

    Temporary Image Pasting

    Temporary Email Address

    Temporary PasteBin

    Let me google that for you

    HCL For ESXi 4.0 Whitebox

    Creating a Bash install Script
    Qualsys SSL Tests
            Test your websites SSL setup and configuration

    OpenAFS distributed filesystem


   ClamAV Immunet
           Cloud based antivirus. Fast, small. Only works while connected to the internet. Which is fine for me. 
    GNS3 Network Simulator
            This is my favorite network simulator. Install routers, workstations, etc.. and see how it will work on your network before actually deploying.

    Cd Roller  

    Router Software

    Firewall OS




    Router firmware replacement

    Router firmware replacement

    Network Diagramming
    Soluto (Windows)
            Program to look at windows and see what is slowing it down

Coming soon:

arch linux
scientific linux
problem steps recorder
apache traffic server
General Help
    Places to go for help.

    Reddit Sysadmin

Desktop Sharing
    Utilities and Services to allow remote viewing/sharing and KVM.

    Microsoft Shared View (Windows)
    Synergy (Windows, Linux)
    TeamViewer (Windows, Linux)
   (web browser)


    Databases, connectivity and administration tools

   Mysql Administrator (Windows, Linux)
    Database Visualizer (Windows)
    Apache Cassandra
    Maria DB
    Mongo DB
        The most popular NoSQL database out there. Json. Scaling. Its a great DB.

Shells / Applications for Shells

    Shells for different operating systems

    Cygwin (Windows)
            Linux-like environment for Windows making it possible to port software running on POSIX systems (such as Linux, BSD, and Unix systems) to Windows.

    Microsoft PowerShell (Windows)
            Windows PowerShell™ is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for system administration

    PowerGui (Windows)
            Windows PowerShell™ gui

    Emerge Desktop (Windows)
            Emerge Desktop is a replacement shell for Windows 2000, Windows XP (both Home and Professional editions), and Windows 7 written in C++

    Ftp servers, HTTP, TFTP, anything else that would be considered a server...

    Filezilla FTP (Windows, Linux)
            Mozilla FTP server

    Tftp Server
            Simple tftp server. Useful for storing firewall configurations

    Tinyweb and Tinybox Webserver
            The smallest webserver available on Windows. Very small.

    Kiwi Syslog Server
            Allows uploading of server syslogs for storage and review

    Windows Apache, Mysql and PHP
            WebServer stack. Easily deployable.

    Collaborative Email, Calendaring,...
            The closest you can get to an exchange server without having to deal with exchange. I think Yahoo is developing this now.

    Enterprise Collaborative Email, Calendaring,..
            Very huge and intense suite of applications. Easily comparable to Exchange. Very, very complicated to set up.

    Roundcube Webmail Server
            An HTTP based webmail server frontend

    SquirrelMail Webmail Server
            An HTTP based webmail server frontend

    FakeAP (Linux)
                Used to create fake Wireless Access Points. Great little tool to fool wardrivers.

    *min Utilities (Linux)
                Virtualmin, Webmin, Usermin. Web front ends to manage different aspects of linux servers.

Cloning, Backup and Partitioning

            Fog allows the creation of images and the privisioning of those images to Laptops and Workstations.


            Gnu, open source alternative to Partimage

System Rescue CD

            Bootable system rescue CD with scanners and antivirus

            A bootable ISO image, allowing you to make images of computers and store them on external media for later restoring.



            C++ integrated dev environment.

            Web development environment.


            Network computer/device monitoring. Written in perl. This is a very lean and small monitoring program.
            Network computer/device monitoring. This is a huge program. Can monitor just about anything. Very graphical. Requires editing a text file for configuration addition though.

            Network computer/device monitoring. This program has some ads in it though. But, if that doesn't bother you, it is a very elegant solution.

            Network monitoring. Allows you to see traffic usage and proccessor utilization of network devices.


PacketFence is a fully supported, trusted, Free and Open Source network access control (NAC) system. Boasting an impressive feature set including a captive-portal for registration and remediation, centralized wired and wireless management, 802.1X support, layer-2 isolation of problematic devices, integration with the Snort IDS and the Nessus vulnerability scanner; PacketFence can be used to effectively secure networks - from small to very large heterogeneous networks.

     Snorby (Linux)
           Web frontend to Snort. Very user friendly. Great alternative to base.

    Samhein (Linux)
            Host based intrusion detection system.

    TheDude (Windows)
            Network integrity and speed monitor

Web Related

    Chromium Browser
            The nightly builds of Chromium is what eventually gets turned into Chrome. But, these nightly builds dont have all that additional Google *spyware* built into them yet. I prefer to use Chromium for this reason.

    Firebug for Firefox
            The web developer extension that everyone needs. Allows on the fly editing of pages and seeing the results. Css, Html and so on. Complete debugging and highlighting.

    Web Developer for Firefox

    NoScript, Flashblock, Ghostery and Tamper Data for Firefox

    List of Helpful PenTesting Addons for Firefox
            (You can search for these in Firefox Addons)
            Xss Me
            Advanced Dork
            Cert Viewer Plus
            Dns Unpinning

    IM Clients

    IRC Client (linux, windows)
            Nice IRC client. Small install, open source.

Linux Distributions
    Backtrack Linux

    Deft Forensics Linux

Penetration Testing / VA

    GFI Languard (Windows)
            Vulnerability assessment

    Nessus (Windows, Linux)
            Vulnerability assessment






            fedora distribution

            Google's own web application vulnerability scanner

    Tcpjunk (Linux)
            Tcp protocol testing and hacking suite

    XSSploit (Linux)
            Vulnerability scanner. Looks for forms on pages and XSS.

    Vasto (Linux)
            Vulnerability assessment toolkit regarding virtualized environments

    RainbowCrack (Linux)    
            md5hash cracking utility




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