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When I first became interested in Wholistic medicine, there were not many people or businesses in the field.


If you can imagine, at the time there was only ONE health food store in all of Edmonton – located in Westmount Shopping Mall (this was not the same one that is there now). Of those in the field, many did not have visible storefronts and it was very hard to connect with anyone. Many people stayed out of the way, “underground”, and worked from their homes because many natural modalities were not yet accepted by the general public. As an example, I was told of an excellent Reflexologist in Spruce Grove. I decided I wanted to see this Reflexologist personally for treatment, as I had heard wonderful things about her. You would think that finding someone in Spruce Grove would not be that hard – especially back then when the community was much smaller than it is now. As it turned out, it was impossible to find her as she kept herself (and her work) quiet, and when I eventually did track her down in 2005 she had long retired and was no longer in practice!

This experience made me realize how much the community was lacking with regards to networking – had there been a good networking system in place, I would have found this lady and would have experienced her treatment. It became a passion for me to do something about this – to develop a Networking system that would link people to one another and bring information into the forefront so that it would be easy to find.


There are many facets to Networking!


Over the decades, I have collected many manuals, binders, folders, and filing cabinets full of other people’s business cards, pamphlets, and brochures. … all ready for when that someone calls or emails and asks … do I know … ?

There are numerous store-fronts now that also have space for networking information.


For a complete list of people and businesses that I currently Network with please link to: 



byBarbara's List of Locations for Magazine and more!


I started the Networking Send Out around 1994 with the occasional email being forwarded to a small list of people. This has now in 2007, blossomed into weekly send-outs via email to a list of well over 900 recipients and from there the information is forwarded on to many others.


My Networking is not limited to these email send-outs; another part of the Networking opportunity I provide involves letting established people know of new-comers and new networking opportunities by dropping off information to different areas in town.


This also involves sorting, filing, dropping off and distributing many truck loads full of other people’s business information.


I do this occasionally throughout the year and it is also part of this passion – and a means to “spread the joy”.


I get many questions from people, asking if they can be included in the Networking Send Out (which has recently evolved to being called: ‘bBeNSO’ - byBarbara email Networking Send Out), or become part of the Networking, while others ask about me, and what I do.


I am always happy to consider people for inclusion in the Networking Send Out, and for those wanting to know more about me, including my educational background and training and what I do for ‘work’, please follow this link:


Who is Barbara ... and What Does Barbara do besides Networking?


As you can see, Networking is a passion and it gives me the opportunity to support others and give back to the community. If you have any questions or feedback, or would like to discuss being included in my Networking Send Out, I would love to hear from you so feel free to contact me!



D.N.M.®; CMR; RRPr

(Doctorate in Natural Medicine®)