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Network for Innovative Education
American students have been falling behind. While we've taken incremental steps to improve student learning, other countries have made tremendous strides, not just catching up to us, but passing us by. As a result, U.S. students are now grossly under-represented in the ranks of top scorers on international tests, putting America's ability to maintain our position as a leader in innovation, technology, and prosperity at risk. We are proposing that a coalition of U.S. school districts and education thought leaders come together to reverse this downward slide and raise the ceiling in U.S. education.
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Tim Waters

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Sir Michael Barber

The Exploratory Gathering

Jim Eck

The Launch Event

Tim Waters, President and CEO of McREL, welcomes you to this website and invites you to join the Network for Innovative Education, toward becoming “best in the world.”
See a video of Sir Michael Barber's introduction to "the other achievement gap" from the Exploratory Gathering.

McREL and Lockheed Martin hosted the Network for Innovative Education launch event on September 21-23, 2011 at the Lockheed Martin facility in Orlando.