Verify Site to Google + Bing

Verify Ownership of your SBI Site

 Google requires you to verify ownership of your site before you can submit a sitemap.

(n.b I have put in different font colors so that you can easily see when you are moving around from site to site)

Verification via Google Webmaster Tools

This is so that Google can verify that you own the site.

1) Log into your Google Webmaster Tools

If you already have verified sites with Google Webmaster, you will see your list of sites.

2) Click "Add A Site" button to verify a (new) site.

3) enter your site > Continue

4) You are given a few methods to verify your site. For SBI sites, accept the default recommended method: "Upload an HTML file to your server"

Google Webmaster Tool - upload HTML method

5) Download that file.  (You can download it to anywhere on your local computer- as long as you can find it.  I chose to place it in my local SBI root folder.)


Now we go over to SBI in a separate window ...

7) SBI Site Central > WebFTP > Verify It! > Choose File (and browse to file the google file that you have just downloaded) > Upload It!

8) on successful upload you will see this notice:

SBI Verification File Received

Now you can go back to your (still open) Google Webmaster Tools window to complete the verification process ...

Google Webmaster Tool - Verify site
9) In your Google Webmaster Tool window, click the Verify button.

10) On successful verification, you will see "Verificaton Successful" (with a big Green tick :)


Additional Notes
  • do NOT upload your google verification file via Upload Your Own HTML file
  • the verification file cannot be seen via your Page Manager (you can't see it at all)
  • the verification file is not deleted - engines come by periodically to check on ownership
  • if you accidentally uploaded your google file via  Upload Your Own HTML file method, go to your Page Manager to delete it and use SBI's Verify It! button instead.

Bing Webmaster Center

Unlike Google, Bing does not require that you verify ownership prior to you being able to submit your sitemap.  However verifying ownership will enable Bing to provide you with statistics that it collects about your site.

To verify ownership with Bing, you will upload an XML file which Bing visits occasionally.

Bing Webmaster - add Site

1) Log into Bing Webmaster Center.

(To sign into Bing, you need a Windows Live ID.  If you don't have one, you can sign up for a Windows Live ID)

2) In Bing Webmaster > Add Site

3) add your site URL > Submit

Bing Webmaster - submit site URL

Bing Webmaster XML verification method

4) Bing offers various methods of ownership verification.  For SBI, choose 

"Option 1: Place an XML file on your web server" 

5) Follow the instructions that drop down:  download BingSiteAuth.xml to your local computer  (I chose to put this into my local SBI root folder so I can easily find it)


6) SBI Site Central > WebFTP > Verify It! > Choose File (and browse to file the Bing file that you have just downloaded) > Upload It!

7) You should get the SBI "Received Verification File" on successful upload.

Return to the open Bing Webmaster Tools window:

8) Click "Verify"

Bing Webmaster-submit sitemap

Bing Tips: Submit Sitemap now as well

Note: your SBI sitemap URL can be found at:

SBI Site Central > Traffic Center > Search Engine HQ

1) Once your site is verified > Click "Crawl" tab (at top) then

2) Sitemaps (left sidebar) > Add Feeds > (paste in xml file name from SBI) > Submit

Bing sitemap - add feed


Very good idea to submit sitemap to Bing. As of Nov 2011, Bing provides search results to Yahoo! Search - so site verification and submitting sitemap to Bing will ensure that Yahoo! Search know about your site.

Article written on 4 Feb 2012