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*Zazzle FAQ

Q. Buying: How do you buy from your own Zazzle store?
Instead of writing up about this, please see the following links from Zazzle's Forum:

Q. Buying & Customizing: Does it cost more (to buyer) when they customize a product (e.g. change the text)?
I am not 100% sure but I think so.  I tried it and the price was lower for when I didn't customize.  (I was trying to buy one of my own Zazzle Keyrings)
Happy Zazzle Keyring
Unfortunately this is not always clear to the buyer and the price difference does not seem to show up till you checkout.

Q. Stores: How many Zazzle stores can I have?
Unlimited.  And you can have multiple stores under one Zazzle account.

Q. Stores + Images: Can I access all my images across all my stores?
Ans: Yes. When you create your products and you go to change image(s), you will see all your images.

Q.HTML allowed: What HTML codes are allowed on Zazzle?
See Zazzle's article "Adding HTML on Zazzle Pages" including where you can apply them.

Q. Image Deletion: If I delete my images, will it impact my products?
Ans: No. You can read more about Zazzle Image Management.

Q. Images for Products: Can I reuse my images across different types of Products?
Ans: Yes. Better if your image is larger than what it is later required for.  Example: you have an image that you have already used on a t-shirt.  Then you need that same image for the smaller space needed for a Button.  You can reuse that original larger image in the product which calls for a smaller image.  However the reverse might be unwise. You might end up with poor resolution.

Q. Products: Is there a way I can quickly create similar products (with maybe only different images) other than using the Bulk Creator?

Q. Products - hide: I no longer one  of my products to be available to the public. How do I do this?

Q. Store ProfileHow do I see how my Member/Store profile looks like?

Q. Text on Products: Does it cost the customer more if I have text added to my products?
Ans: Yes - it seems to on t-shirts (apparel). But No it does not seem to affect the price on Buttons. (29 Apr 2011: So I will have to investigate this further.)

Q. Zazzle account: I opened my Zazzle account at zazzle.com.  I am actually in Australia.  What do I do now?
Ans: you can also log in with the same email and password at www.zazzle.com.au