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03.Seller Account

25 Apr 2011
Of particular importance is, I think, the payment settings.  Might as well set this up asap otherwise however are you going to get paid??  You can also modify this later.

Payment Settings
My Account > Account [tab] > Seller Account > Payment Settings
(or click the Earnings tab)

Select which payment method. (Only Paypal or check is available - as at 25 April 2011)

Payee Information
I think this is required information.

Payment (from Zazzle to you) is in USD.
Minimum before Zazzle pays you is USD 25; you can specify a higher amount if you like. 
You can also ask zazzle to "hold" (not pay out) till you are ready.

2 May 2011
Important Addendum:
This did not show up immediately but if you are not a US citizen, you need to check your payment settings again because Zazzle has a further (IRS) requirement before this section is cleared and ready to go.  There is not email notification to let you know so please go back and check for yourself.

Basically, the US IRS (Internal Revenue Service) takes 30% of  your gross sales!

Seller Notifications

My Account > Account [tab] > Seller Account > Notifications

Here you specify how often/when Zazzle notifies you when one of your product is sold,, or your store and/or product is comment on, etc.

Setting Your Royalty

My Account > Account [tab] > Seller Account > Default Royalty

Ref: Zazzle's "Name Your Royalty" on what royalty is and how to set it up for your store.