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05.Create Product

25 Apr 2011
Creating products on Zazzle can certainly seem very confusing and intimidating because it has so many advance options and so many ways to approach it.  I am just going to do a simple step-by-step Product creation to ease our way into getting to know our Zazzle.

But first, have a read of Private vs Public Zazzle Products. (Recommended. It is only a short article and will make the product creation process less confusing.)

And then, before you create any products on Zazzle, you will need to have some images.  So now is the right time to at least have a read of my Zazzle Image Guidelines and then maybe go and Create Your Images.

When you are done, come back and follow the step by step guide on creating your first Zazzle product :) 

  1. (opt) Create an Image Album for where you want to put your image(s)
  2. upload your image to Zazzle
    You can do the image upload and product creation at the same time, but this is just the way I like to do it while learning Zazzle. I think it is clearer and easier to understand.

  3. (opt) Create a New Category

    You can also create a new category if you don't have one now that will fit your new product. But you can will leave this to later as you can easily move products among categories and you can always create a suitable category later.

  4. Create Zazzle Product

  5. Post for Sale

Now you can decide if you are ready to "Post for sale" and make it available to the world (provided your store is not set to private)or Save (to your Products "In Progress" folder).

Strictly speaking, at this stage, it is already in your "In Progress" folder as Zazzle automatically saves it there even as you work at regular (unknown) intervals.

Before your product is ready for the world, you need to Post it for Sale. This is an important step and includes information that is crucial to your product being found by Zazzle customers as well by searches on the web.