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Multi-Store Management

2 May 2011

I think as of 2011, Zazzle allows store owners to be able to combine/manage their multiple stores under the one account.  As a 2011 Newbie, I am just learning about it and the quirks it might have.

Store Owner Profile
You can set up separate Store Owner Profile for each store.  But if you don't, (I think) your Zazzle member profile (if enabled) will be the default.

Other Store Configurations
Store Settings, Store Contents Settings, Store Appearance can all be set up separately.  If unset, then the Zazzle default is applied.

Your Uploaded Images and Your Image Albums
These are general - i.e. your uploaded images and the image albums you created are all accessible by you and not restricted by store.  So when you go to:
My Account > Images >

you see all the images and all the image albums.

This might make Image Management on Zazzle even more important as the number of images you have will probably increase at a rapid rate.

Now this area of products and products creation is a bit hazy.

The products that you create and have Posted for Sale (even you specified them as Hidden Products) are in the Public folder and is store specific

My Accounts > Products > Public > [store]

But if you have not Posted it for Sale, then you will find the products in the In Progress folder.  And that is NOT-store specific.

My Accounts > Products > In Progress

So when you choose one of these In Progress products and you make make modification and/or Post for Sale, at that point (in the page after you click Post for Sale: "Post Product for Sale" page),
you can choose which store you are going to post this item to from the stores drop-down menu:

Once you have posted that product for sale (whether it is a hidden or public product), it will be in that selected store's Public folder.

So in summary,
  • unposted (for sale) products are in non-store-specific In Progress folder
  • posted (for sale) products are in store-specific Public folder.