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Twitter on your Website

Twitter on your Website

It is not immediately obvious how you would get your Twitter updates (which Twitter calls " Twitter badges") to automatically show up on your site or blog pages. But the information is there.

  1. Log into your Twitter account and click the "Help" link (top right). You will be taken to the Twitter Support page.
  2. In the right side bar, under "Help Resource", click on the "Getting Started" link.
  3. You will see a list of "Topics". Find the topic that reads "Twitter badges and widgets" and click.
    Here's the direct URL for "Twitter badges and widgets"
    This page provides some explanation as well as letting you know that you can add your Twitter updates to your MySpace, Blogger, and/or Blogger.
  4. You can also go directly to Twitter's badges page
    (Note: you have to be logged into your Twitter account to access this page)
  5. From this page, it should be pretty self-explanatory if you choose to add your Twitter updates to your MySpace, Blogger, or facebook. So I will deal with the "Other" which should give me code for being about to insert Twitter updates to another type of site. Click on that. You can see the help notes that tell you that you will have a choice of Flash or HTML widgets. Click Continue.

On the next page, you will be shown the choice between either a Flash or a HTML widget. I won't take you through the steps as it is quite easy to figure out from here.

What I do want to note that if you choose the Flash widget, you can change the size of the widget in the code you will be given. (There is also a short note on the site that will point that out).

If you choose the HTML widget, you can change the look, size, colour, etc of it via CSS by using the style identifiers that is in the code you will get. Twitter will not provide you with the styles but if you are familiar with CSS, then this should not be hard.

Flash or HTML widget?

The Flash widget is .. well, flashier. Of course. It is much prettier and there is no need to fiddle with the CSS styles. They even have a few choices so you can change the look and color of the Flash widget you will get.

However my preference is for the HTML widget. The main reason is because with Flash, Google is not able to read any text. However with the HTML widget, actual text will appear on your site which Google will like. And personally, I do like the CSS which gives you much finer control over the look of things.

You can also read more about how to integrate a Twitter HTML widget into a Drupal site.