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Suggest To Friends button

How to get a Suggest to Friends button on your Facebook Page

Suggest to Friends button for Facebook page
I have seen those "Suggest to Friends" button/link on some Facebook pages and have always wanted one for myself.  But how do you do it?  I have just started a new Facebook page today - ClearlyHelena facebook page - and that has given me the fresh impetus to discover more of the hidden secrets of Facebook.

With a "Suggest to Friends" button on your Facebook page, visitors to you page can easily just click on that to be able to suggest your page to their friends :)

Steps to get your own Suggest to Friends button

  1. Log in to Facebook as the page admin

  2. Go to PageApps | AnkaSocial (which is also on Facebook)
    > Suggest to Friends Button > Add To Your Page!

    get the Suggest to Friends app

    (if you are not logged in as the page admin, it will ask you to switch to that. Do so.)

  3. your Facebook Personal Home 
  4. If you have more than one Facebook page > select the page where you want this button to be on.

  5. Now go to your (personal) Home page.

  6. In the left sidebar, you will see your page(s).  Click on the page to want to add the "Suggest to Friends" button to.

    click to choose your Facebook page

  7. Click the "Edit page" button (note that you are still logged in as the page's admin)

    edit facebook page as admin

  8. In the Edit page, on left sidebar > click "Apps"
    (This will show all the apps you have for this particular fb page)
    You will see "Suggest to Friends Button for Pages" on the list.

  9. Click the "Link to this Tab" hyperlink
    use the Suggest to Friends Button for your facebook page
    (In "Edit Settings" you can choose to have your own text instead of the default "Suggest to Friends!" - the text that will be displayed on your page's sidebar)

That's it.  Now when you go to that particular facebook page of yours, you will see in the left sidebar, the "Suggest to Friends!" button.  (as at 7 Feb 2012 - you know how Facebook likes to change things around from time to time!!)

Suggest to Friends in place on Facebook page 

Adding Button to Other Pages
To Add the Suggest to Friends button for your other pages, just go back to the Page Apps page and repeat steps from there.

Article written on 7 Feb 2012


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