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Wish List

24 Apr 2011
This is my collection of Suggestions or Wish List that I would like to see Google include for their Google Sites.

Edit vs Non-Edit (browser) mode
It would be useful if the background color of page changes (to gray or pink or yellow or some other color) when in page Edit mode.  One would always then be away when one is in Edit or not before navigating away from page.
(This suggestion is only for people who can edit Google Site pages)

Draft Pages
Like Google already does with their Blogger, it would be handy to be able to start a page in your Google Site and then relegate it to Draft status (so it is not available for public viewing) till you are ready to complete and publish the page.

Addendum 30 Apr 2011
Just discovered that there is a limited "Save Draft" functionality.  This is only available for "Announcement" type pages which is time stamped and generally used for Announcement and/or Blog like postings (e.g. the postings under "Blogs and Ramblings" here).

When you create a "new post", it has the "Save Draft" button, next to the "Save" and "Cancel" buttons at the top right. However, once you have published (saved) your posting, the "Save Draft" is no longer visible.

This limited option is not available for the other type of pages you might want to create.

Collapse Sidebar
I wish there was a one-click way of collapsing one's sidebar.  If you have topics with sub-topics, once they are expanded, they stay expanded.  And one does not collapse when you click on another topic - which would be handy.  So if you want to collapse your sidebar, you can to click each topic - tedious.