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Google Webmaster Tool Verification

In Google Site, you can have a Google Webmaster Tool Verification.  But why would you want this?  

Why would you want a Google Webmaster Tool Verification for your site?

  • Google (and I think) other search engines will be able to find and index your site faster
  • And for Google Sites, Google will even generate a sitemap for you (removing another layer of headache)

How Do you Google Webmaster Tool verify your Google Site?

See Scenario I - for non-mapped Google Site
Scenario II - for mapped Google Site

If you do not have a mapped web address for your Google Site (ie your URL looks like:
you have NOT done the CNAME changes/mapping to your domain name (if you have one), then read:
  1. Log into your Google Webmaster Tool account
    I found that as soon as I log in, Google has already verified all my Google Sites.  They only ask if I would like to add these sites to my Google Webmaster Tool account.
    DISCOVERY! It is already verified because verification was automatically done when I entered my Google Analytics Tracking ID.
    Explanation: on Google's Webmaster Tools Help, it says:

    If you created a new site using Google Sites, that site will now appear verified in Webmaster Tools. (Your site must be created using the same Google Account you use for Webmaster Tools.) If your site doesn't appear on the Webmaster Tools dashboard, click Add a site. Your site will be added and automatically verified. However, older sites are not automatically verified, and should be verified using the meta tag method.

  2. So I just selected the Google-found verified new sites and said yes to adding them to my Google Webmaster Tool account.
    Tho my site is now Google Webmaster Tool verified, when I go to:
    (In you Google Site) > More Actions > Manage Site > Site Settings > General
    under the "Google Webmaster Tool Verification", it is still blank.  But that is OK.

  3. Now that your Google Site is verified, you will want to submit a sitemap of it to Google (so that Google can discover pages on your site that Google might otherwise not discover): Submit Sitemap

If you do have a mapped web address, and your site address is accessible via this format: (for example), then:
  1. Log into your Google Webmaster Tools (which all comes under your Google account and is another free product from Google).
  2. If your site is already listed in Google Webmaster Tools and is not verified, it will show it is not verified (an Exclamation in a yellow circle and the link "Verify this site". Click the link. (then go to Step 5)
  3. If you site is already listed but you need to change verification method.
  4. If your site is not yet listed, then click the "Add Site.." button (near top left)
    and enter your site's URL > Continue

  5. For Google Site, you need to use the "Alternate" method to verify your site.

  6. Of the Alternate methods offered, select the "Add a meta tag to your site's home page"
    It will show you some meta tag code that you are supposed to copy and paste.
    Leave this window open.

  7. Open a new browser window or tab.  The log into your specific Google Site >
    > More Actions > Manage Site > Site Settings > General

  8. In the "Google Webmaster Tools verification" box, copy the meta tag code (from your Webmaster Tools account - as per step 5) and paste it here > Save changes.

  9. Return to the browser window/tab with your Webmaster Tools account. Click the "verify" button.

Non-Mapped Site - verifying site in Google Webmaster Tools