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Analytics in Google Sites

You can Enable Google Analytics for your Google Sites (each site must be done separately)

Why would you Enable Google Analytics on your Google Site

See: Analytics article for some of the main reasons why you would want Google Analytics.

How to Enable Google Analytics on your Google Site

You may have either Scenario A or B below ..

A) if you have Mapped your Google Site to your Domain

Let's say you have a pre-existing domain (e.g. here which was active (had data) and now by moving over to a Google Site, you have basically changed your CMS (Content Management System) (e.g. I moved from Drupal to Google Site as my CMS).

And if you had Google Analytics for your domain anyway (i.e. you already have a Google Analytics Tracking code), you might just want to use this Tracking Code for your Google Site.

To Get your Pre-Existing Tracking Code for your Domain
  1. Log into your Google Analytics account
  2. Locate your domain and copy the Tracking code

  3. Go back into your (specific) Google Site
    More Actions > Manage Site > Site Settings > General 
  4. Enable Google Analytics for this site and enter the Tracking Code (from above)

    This now means that Google Analytics is now able to track stats (visitors, page views, etc.) of your Google Site which is mapped to your domain url.
  5. However, if you domain was previously tracked by Analytics, it means it was verified already.  But that verification method might not be workable for a Google Site.
    For example, 
    when I was using Drupal as my CMS, my domain url was verified via HTML file.  With a Google Site, that is not possible.  Instead I need to have a Google Site verified to Google via meta tags method.
    That means that I need to prove to Google that I have ownership or admin authority for my domain via another means than before - namely I have to change verification method from HTML file to meta tags method.
    See: How to Change Verification Method

B) if you have not mapped your Google Site to any domain OR you have mapped to your domain but is new &/or not in Analytics yet

Unmapped:  This means that the url that your Google Site has looks like this:
  1. You need Tracking ID (for each website) from Google Analytics.
    Log into your Google Analytics account.
  2. As this is new website you want to track with Google Analytics, you need to create new Website Profile.
    Click "Add Website Profile" (bottom left of page in your Google Analytics account)
  3. Choose Website Profile type: [select] Add a Profile for a New Domain
  4. (under) Add a Profile for a New Domain: enter the url of your Google Site
    If you have mapped it to a domain, e.g. www.Mapped. com - then enter that.
    If you have not mapped it, then use your Google Site's URL: e.g. 
  5. click Finish.  Google gives you the tracking code.  You want the Tracking ID which looks like UA-xxxxxx-xx (where x are numbers)
  6. Back on your Google Site:
    More Actions > Manage Site > Site Settings > General > 
    Statistics > (check ) Enable Google Analytics for this site
    then paste your "Analytics Web Property ID" (aka Tracking ID) into the relevant box.
  7. After 24 hours you should start to receive data, but Google Analytics may display

    Tracking Not Installed
    Check Status

    for a couple of days, but it will be working regardless of this warning.

More Useful intructions on Google Sites - Adding Google Analytics