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AdSense on Google Sites

To be able to put relevant AdSense ads on your Google Sites, your site must be Public.  

If your site is Private and you try to monetize it, you will see a warning similar to this:

WARNING: This is a private site and AdSense requires that the site be publicly accessible in order to serve targeted ads. If you enable AdSense on a privately accessible site, the ads that are shown will not be based on the content of your site and may only be Public Service Announcements.

However you can still go ahead and monetize (add AdSense ads) to your site as long as you don't mind the Public Service Announcements for now and that you remember later to make your site Public (otherwise no one will see you!).

(See how to make your Google Site Public or Private or with specific access settings)

And you must have a (free) AdSense Account.
(Read about AdSense in common sense English and how to set up an AdSense Account)

To Monetize your Google Site

More Actions > Manage Site > Site Settings > Monetize > Monetize this Site (button)

Side Note:
Google automatically chooses what ads to display, based on the content of your page on which the ads will appear.

AdSense Ads on every page Automatically

Only after you have done that, will the second part of the page become activated.
Under Display Ads > Site Sidebar, the "Add" button is now activated. Adding ads to your site sidebar will make it global - i.e. Google Adsense ads will appear on all your pages.  Google will take care of displaying relevant ads for each page.  All the work is done for you :)

AdSense Ads on specific pages

Additionally you can add more AdSense ads into specific pages.  You choose where and on what pages.
While on any page you choose, and where specifically on the page > Insert > AdSense
Check on maximum AdSense ads allowed per page

Now all that is well and good:
  • you have an AdSense account and
  • you have monetized your Google site (by having ads appear on your site)
There is one more (optional) piece: you may want to track how much earnings are coming from this google site.

URL Channel on Adsense

This just means you want Adsense to be able to tell you how much earnings is coming from this one site.  For Adsense to be able to do that, you need to give the URL for this site to Adsense and tell it to track it for performance.

If you have already mapped your Google Site to your own domain, then it will be the URL of your domain that you give to AdSense.  You can also have both URLs (your domain URL and your Google Site URL on Adsense to track both - in case there are differences.  If there is, the earnings from each is not cumulative (you do not add them together) but the Adsense performance reports will filter if the separate URLs are earning differently.

To set up Adsense so that it can track your Adsense earnings from your google site:

I am using the Adsense interface (beta) as at May 2011

  1. Log into your Adsense account
  2. Performance Reports [tab] > URL channels [left column] 
  3. Click the "Add URLs to track" button (midway down page)
  4. Enter your Google Site URL (e.g. into the pop up window > Add URL
It should show up in the Performance Reports > URL channels page but maybe not immediately (because, being brand new, there are no performance reports yet).  You can log into Adsense in a day or so to double check.