My PayPal Alternative: 2CO

23 Nov 2011
I am trying out 2CO (2CheckOut) as my payment gateway because I am sick of PayPal.
I hope 2CO will work out.  This here are some of the details that may help you along the way if you ever want to try 2CO as well.

Short Background

One of the reasons I am choosing 2CO is because I am using Ecwid e-commerce shopping cart. 2CO is one of the (payment gateways) available as an easy plug-in into the Ecwid shopping cart.  And as I am in Australia, I need a gateway that can provide Australian services (currencies, etc.)

I hope that my notes here will help you with your choice and your freedom from PayPal. However please note that some portions of these notes, by necessity, will be specific to Ecwid and/or Ecwid+2CO.

Pre-sign up Considerations

  • More than one site? (looks like) You need to apply for multiple accounts if you are using 2CO for multiple sites

  • Cost: Like most other sites, 2CO makes it hard work for finding the answer to one of the most crucial question a potential user needs to know: i.e. how much does it cost to use 2CO?
    After an annoying search, I found this:
    "There is a one-time non-refundable application fee of $49 due when you submit your application."
    This notice is valid as of today's date (23 Nov 2011) and I assume that it is for each site you want to use 2CO on.
    Confirmed: "vendors may only use URL per account".  The price is also in USD.

  • Charge Rates: Again, not easily available is the rates they charge.  I found this:
    "For a Flat Rate of:
    5.5% + $0.45 per transaction"

  • 2CO FAQ:
    have a quick read at least before signing up.

  • Change Domain to which 2CO account is linked?
    2CO says (I only found this once signed up and in the Admin/Site Management area):
    If you wish to change your domain name, please contact the Risk Department. A $19 dollar processing fee may be assessed.

Big Advantages of 2CO

  • it is NOT PayPal !
  • You do not to set up your own Merchant Accounts.  Excerpt from 2CO:
    " is an alternative to using a merchant account. If you use 2Checkout, you don't need your own merchant account, so you can cross that off your list!"
    ~ ~

  • It is available to Australian vendors and buyers need to sign up to pay. 

  • 2CO supports multiple credit card payments including Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • 2CO supports many currencies including AUD
  • 2CO can send payments (to vendors) in multiple currencies including AUD


TIP: Before you sign-up for the site that you want to use 2CO, make sure you have:
* Privacy Policies page
* Refund policies (could be in your FAQ) page
* all your items have prices

It seems that 2CO might check on these before approving your application.
2CO provides some sample Privacy, and Refund policy wording that you can use or modify:

After submitting the application (which is multiple pages long - online), I received an email that then told me that the approval process can take 3 business day.

During their review process and part of their review of your site, they will have to complete a simulated purchase.  For them to do this, you will need to integrate your 2CO account to your site.  They will send an email to let you know about this.  To integrate your 2CO account to your e-commerce site, follow the steps given for your particular type of e-commerce site.

How to Set Up 2CO with Ecwid

Ecwid provides information on how you can easily integrate 2CO with your Ecwid shopping cart:

2CO User Guide (pdf) is definitely needed to help you integrate your 2CO account to your site.