2 Google Sites up and Running! Yay!

posted Apr 23, 2011, 9:32 PM by Helena Asmus Lim
Yay, I have got 2 new Google Sites up and running:
- www.helenalim.com (private) and
and have done all my steps (checklist) as listed in "My Process"

Of course there are:
- more sites that have to be done (maybe about 5) but will have to wait a week before I am allowed to create more Google Sites
- lots more tweaking (like for Adsense, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc etc), but my poor brain can't take it anymore for now!

Still YAY!  I think that this move to Google Sites and away from the maintenance drudgery of keeping up my Drupal sites might be the way to go.  Even in this transition and heavily technically-bogged down stage of learning, discovering, implementing ... with Google Sites, I have managed to write more new and edited old pages than I have done for months and months using my Drupal sites.  It is so much easier and so much faster.  And yes, much more enjoyable!!!

Of course I still have no social networking gadgets installed at the moment (and not sure if I can or am allowed here in my Google Site), and so I may just be talking to myself but hey ... little steps, first steps, and long journey and all that kind of stuff :)