Quiz Corner 450

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1.  Cool Iceman
   What ten letter word can be found by rearranging the letters in this anagram?

2. Check the odd one out.

law, win, haste, fat, rack, ash, pat,

3. Alan has got $ 1250 in 40 currency notes of the denominations
of $ 100, 50 and 10  Bob has also got 40 currency notes of the
denomination of 100, 50 and 10, but in different quantities as
they aggregate to $ 2300. 

The number of $100 notes with Bob are twice as many as Alan. Bob’s
$50 currency notes are 15 more and $10 currency notes 20 less than

Whereas Alan has got $50 currency notes twice the number of $ 100
notes in his own possession, Bob has got $ 100 note twice the number
of $ 10 currency notes in his own possession.

Can you tell the how much money Alan and Bob have under each  denomination
of currency notes?

For answers see below,

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\_/)_(\_/)_Answers to QUIZ CORNER 450_(\_/)_(\_/)

1. Economical  

2. Win. All other words convert to another word with the
addition of letter c.

With addition of letter c law becomes claw, fat becomes fact,
haste becomes chaste, rack become crack and ash becomes cash.

3. Alan has 5 notes of $ 100 = $500
He has 10 notes of $ 50  = $ 500
and 25 notes of $ 10 = $ 250
       Total with Alan = $ 1250

Bob has 10 notes of $ 100 = $ 1000
Bob has 25 notes of $ 50  = $ 1250
He has 5 notes of $ 10 = $ 50
Total money with Bob = $ 2300

the letters we get a new word.
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