In conjunction with VTC2017-Fall (2017 IEEE 86th Vehicular Technology Conference)
24–27 September 2017, Toronto, Canada


  • Prof. Zhu Han, University of Houston, USA, will deliver a keynote speech entitled ``Resource Allocation, Analysis and Machine Learning in Vehicular Networks''. See program for detailed time and location of keynote speech. 
  • The best paper award of NetV workshop will be announced at 17:20, Sept. 24 in Carmichael room. Welcome to join us!

Conference Introduction

Safety, mobility and environment challenges call for a new round of revolution on modern transportation. Thanks to the rapid advances in wireless communication technologies, in the future,vehicles can quickly and reliably exchange information and thus connected to each other and to infrastructure, so vehicles, users and transportation system operators can make smart and green decisions to enhance safety, reduce travel delay and congestion, and save energy. Furthermore, networking solutions can be applied to well address the range and fueling/charging problems, providing a much-needed boost to the rollout of electric vehicles (EVs), a key for future clean and green transportation.

At the same time, utilities around the globe are racing to make their power grids more intelligent by adopting ICT technologies, and networked EVs and charging stations can further provide demand response services to power grids. The nexus of the Internet, vehicles (including self-driving ones), fueling/charging stations, and power grids constitutes a perfect storm of opportunities for future Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Smart Grids (SG). The new paradigm of networked vehicles will not only revolutionize how things and people are transported, but also likely how information and energy are exchanged and delivered.
Many relevant industry standards and consortia are being created to prepare for the coming new paradigm of networked vehicles. NetV 2017 is to bring together the latest innovations and advances around the world on the modeling, design, implementation,and evaluation of networked vehicles architecture, protocols, control, applications and services.
Important Dates:
  • Submit workshop papers for review:  Extended to Monday 31 May 2017
  • Acceptance notices to send: 18 June 2017
  • Final papers due: 26 June 2017
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