2016 - Mondragon

The Faculty of Humanities and Education of MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY in the Basque Country (Spain) welcome you to the annual meeting of Network education and Training of Teachers (NETT)!


June 15-18, 2016


Mondragon (Basque Country – Spain)


International coordinators members of NETT


To conduct annual NETT business, network, and have a taste of the Basque Country

Read more about the Programme, Registration and Practical information by using this link: http://nett2016.mondragon.edu/en.  
We look forward to seeing you!

To get to Mondragon:

Here you are some info about how to get to Mondragon.

Once you are at the Bilbao Airport, the best option is to take the direct bus from Aeropuerto Loiu (Bilbao) to Arrasate-Mondragón. We published the timtables in our NETT website.


For those who want to share a taxi we have prepared this Doodle to organize the arrivals and departures from Bilbao airport to Mondragon and then from Mondragon to Bilbao Airport  Please write your name, arrival and departure time. It is very easy and then you will identify who can share a taxi with you on the 15th and on the 19th.

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Kees- Jan,
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