2014 - Zürich

NETT meeting from 4 to 7 june 2014 in Zurich

The Network for the Education and Training of Teachers NETT consists of about 30 universities from 20 European countries in Europe. The focus of NETT is on teacher education in the broadest sense. The network operates within the European programmes for education and bilateral agreements and aims to promote cooperation and exchange possibilities for students and staff.


1. We would like you to send the following information  to laura.kuehne@phzh.ch until Thursday, 22 May: 

Please could you check the enclosed list of participants and update your arrival and departure date and time – and whether you will participate in the excursion or not? You can either fill in the list and mark your updates in red or send Laura an email with the updated information.


2. Please send the following information to friederike.hoch@phzh.ch until Wednesday, 28 May:

- For the presentation of institutions on Thursday 5 June:  max. 2 powerpoint slides with updates about your institution and courses  (new members - Porto, Prague and Cluj… -  are welcome to send me max. 5 slides) 

-  Please fill in the form „International weeks“ if you would like to announce an international week taking place in the academic year 2014/15  or on a regular basis. We could then make the list available to all NETT members and/or put it on our website.


3. Please don’t forget to bring the following things with you to Zurich :

- For the international evening on 4 June: a little speciality from your country 

- For the registration on 5 June: you may pay the fee for the conference and excursion in CHF / Swiss Francs or in Euro. Please bring the exact amount if possible (in cash). If you pay in Euro, we can only give you change in CHF. Conference fee: 100 Euro (or 120 CHF) – Excursion: 50 Euro (or 60 CHF)

- Thank you for bringing some updated information material about your institution and courses for our students.

- For the evening of 6 June: please bring a song (or 2) from your country. We would love to revitalise the old NETT singing tradition… and good walking shoes, rain jacket, sunscreen. If you love swimming in the lake, don’t forget to bring a swimsuit/swimming trunk and a small towel – we hope the water will warm up a little until then.


Contact Information – just in case:

International Office phone: +41 43 305 6540 (8:00 – 17:00)

Laura (mobile):  +41 79 401 8332

Friederike (mobile): +41 79 220 6820

Barbara (mobile): +41 79 308 9881


We are looking forward to welcoming you soon in Zurich!

Kind regards from the PH Zurich International Office Team


Laura, Barbara and Friederike

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