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Ambient Intelligence and Advanced Networking Research (AMIR)

From traditional days, human beings had to continuously adapt themselves to their surrounding environment, to survive as the fittest. Today, Ambient Intelligence and networking technologies have the potential to change this status quo through the creation of "intelligent" environments able to proactively adapt to humans, to serve their needs and goals, in the best possible way. In this context, our vision is to improve the quality of life of all citizens of the emerging Information Society through the creation and provision of safe, efficient and user-friendly AMIR technologies, which support and cater to the needs of each and every individual user in a seamless, unobtrusive and invisible way.

The reesearch activities focuses on six thematic areas, each related to a number of application domains. These thematic areas will also act as:
(a) inspiration drivers for envisioning realistic, meaningful and added-value application scenarios
(b) test-beds for assessing and validating constituent technologies in simulated real-life contexts. The selected thematic areas represent both private/restricted and public environments and health aspects.
AMIR team works on preparing an Open Innovation Call (OIC) from research teams, research institutes and academic universities to cary out research projects together.
Currently AMIR focuses on following problems :
  • Home Networks
  • Convergence of Broadcast and Communications Technologies
  • Solutions for Consumer Communications
  • Digital TV and Radio Broadcasting
  • Learning technologies in smart spaces
  • Smart Logistics and smart spaces
  • Personal and body networks, wearable computing