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What is Net Nanny?

Net Nanny is one of the bestselling Internet parental control software which has been working to protect your families from pornography, online predators and cyber-bullying for a long time. Unlike other parental control software, Net Nanny is easier to use and safer for your children. You can easily set this software in your computer and relax. You can see what your children view in the internet and prevent them from seeing anything harmful.

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Net Nanny Key Features

The Net Nanny has all the modern features that you would want in your parental control software. Net Nanny has internet filter which will only allow websites rated for people under the age of 18.  So, while you are out of your home, your kids can do their home works and projects and you don’t need to worry for their internet browsing. This parental control software will certainly help you to keep your kids away from pornography.

Net Nanny can record all the visited websites and the parents can know about the websites which their children are visiting everyday. Moreover, it has an option to give the parents detailed reports on their child’s social networking profiles. You can get access to all the things including their friend lists, instant messages, photos or videos uploaded and more. If any child refuses to permit it on his profile, Net Nanny will block him from accessing that site.

Net Nanny is also available for android mobiles, tablets and smart phones. You can see what your kids are downloading in their smart phones and tablets. Moreover, the filter system also protects them from inappropriate languages and websites. You can get the customer service for androids by email or chat. 

Most of the children use online for a long time and even sleep very little. As a result, their performance in the class becomes poor day by day. If your child is giving more time to playing games online and internet browsing, you can set the specific time or hours when they can be online. This is an easy way to keep your child in a good routine. Net Nanny has features like mask profanity which will let your kids view a page without being confronted with any vulgar language. Parents can get email alerts whenever their children try to visit any inappropriate site.

With Net Nanny, parents can be tension free of their children’s online browsing and social sites’ profiles. Parents can monitor with whom their children are being friends and what are they discussing through instant messaging. These can help the parents to protect their kids and show them the right path so that they can be safe from porn addiction, cyber-bullying or social network dangers.

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Latest Net Nanny Promo Code

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