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2014 Market Show


Thank You 2013 Sale of Champion Buyers and Donors

41 heifers validated and 29 kids for the Dairy Classic Show to be held at the Hopkins County Dairy Festival in June.

This year, NETLA is requiring a quality counts certification number on all entry cards.  This means that your child must take and pass a certification test which is designed to test the students on the understanding of the following:

Animal Knowledge – Feeding, Medicating, etc.
Food Safety
 The information provided in the following website is important to help prepare your student to take the exam online!  Please visit this website and have the certification test completed by Monday October 15th.
"A man never stands so tall
as when he stoops to help a child"
NorthEast Texas Livestock Association (NETLA) 
Hopkins County Junior Market Livestock  Show

Sale of Champions


Hopkins County Junior Dairy Show 


Hopkins County Dairy Classic Show and Sale

2012 Show and Sale

The 2012 show and sale was a huge success thanks to all of our volunteers, sponsors and buyers.  The local community contributed over $220,000 to the youth of Hopkins County.