Jennie Learns

How to configure DHCP


Jennie: Dad, we have Windows 2000 Server in our School. Tell me how to configure DHCP in that server. Whether DHCP is necessary for our school?

Dad: Have a look at the TCP/IP Properties of a PC. If you dont have a dhcp server, then you have to manually configure each pc like this. If you have installed DHCP server,all PCs will get IP address,Subnet mask, Default Gateway and DNS server IP address from the DHCP server AUTOMATICALLY.

Jennie: Oh! We have more than 50 PCs. So it is better to install the DHCP. Dad, do we need a SEPARATE computer for this purpose?

Dad : No, if you have any server which is powered on always ( or atleast during school working hours)  is enough to install DHCP. Now let us look at the NINE STEPS for configuring a DHCP.



Step 2: Right Click on your Computer Name and select  NEW SCOPE :

STEP 3 : Type some Name against the  SCOPE NAME  field and press OK :

STEP 4: Enter the IP Address Range. If the network is C-class, then, select the subnet length as 24 :

STEP 5  :  If you wish, you can exclude certain IP address from the above range :

 STEP 6: This screen shows the default Lease duration. Default  Duration  is perfectly OK. If you wish, please change the duration.

STEP 7 : Enter the IP address of Default Gateway, if you have a router in your network.

STEP 8: You have to pass on the DNS server IP Address to all the hosts . So, Please the DNS Server IP addresses if you are having :

STEP 9 : Now you are ready to activate the DHCP. Once activated, it is distribute the IP addresses whenever a host computer needs one.