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Intranets Vs Internets | How B2B And B2C Businesses Use Them

Intranets are typically thought of as internal private networks, typically for the business organization. However there is another way of viewing the intranet as a type of close net society on the Internet with the capabilities of having password protection along with secure tunneling to each of the respective services that a company is going to use online. The intranets can also go out onto the Internet and provide limited access to the internal intranet from the net, for the company, and/or outside support sources, and even in the case of providing direct account access in the case of regular B2B customer purchases or B2C accounts.

The use of the terms internet and intranet become increasing cloudy as new software solutions are developed that bridge the gap between the two. Information on the intranet can be geared toward helping an organization manage their overall productivity, internal communications, collaboration, sales and marketing, production,  email, calendars, scheduling, and a host of other features that generally help keep a company running smoothly.

Information sharing is one of the features of using an internal structure for the company. As many companies are dealing with employees from all over the world, it becomes increasingly clear that to have good communications between the different locations and time zones, intranets must be deployed to increase the productivity and efficiency of the company team.

As technology has progressed and new applications are developed, the idea that an internal network is only for a fortune 500 company is definitely not the case. Small businesses can benefit from building a Web On The Internet for themselves. Using a dedicated website with web services built right into it, the dedicated website can help a company manage quite a number of items. There can be significant advantages from a security standpoint to use another website url for handling internal operations. Websites, and all the directories under it, can be set up to essentially be off limits expect for a password login. This type of setup insulates the internal workings from the external internet and provides a solid barrier between the corporate website and the intranet. Though many corporations are using the same url, provided that the IT department takes extra protection when setting up web services.

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