About us

Net Impact is a worldwide network of people that believe that business can be used for much more than making money. We believe that financial success is only a tool for achieving long lasting solutions to problems. The Net Impact club at Tulane University was re-opened on year 2009 to constantly remind business students that their decisions and actions have a direct impact on the lives of many people, and to offer them the tools and the network to empower them to use their business skills to improve our world. 

The mission of Net Impact is to improve the world by growing and strengthening a network of leaders who use the power of business to make a positive net social, environmental, and economic impact. The Tulane Net Impact Club shares this mission and additionally works to raise awareness among business students about the fact that positive social impact and personal financial success are not mutually exclusive. 

The Tulane Net Impact Club will bring together students seeking to network and take action to foster a new generation of leaders who use the power of business to create a better world. Our vision is that every business student will be familiar with specific examples of entrepreneurs that are changing the world with their work and will consider careers in "more-than-profit" organizations as one of their options. 

The Tulane Net Impact Club is open to all graduate and undergraduate students using business skills for social good and other students who have a personal and/or professional interest in using business skills for positive social impact. Prospective members can find out more information by reading the Net Impact website, the Chapter website, and by attending meetings. 

We welcome you to Net Impact and encourage you to learn more about us, tell us about your interests, take a leadership role in one of our projects, or lead one of your own. We wish you the greatest success in business and in life, and we hope that you enjoy the journey!