South Eastern Univesity of Sri Lanka


This South Eastern University of Sri Lanka has been in the process of performing and promoting academic activities for the past 10 years from 1995, onwards but has to do it in 2005 it so with some difficulties due to Tsunami disaster through FAC and FMC at Oluvil some 400 Km away from Colombo and FAS at Sammanthurai 15 km away from Oluvil to fulfil its mission in order to realize the cherished vision enshrined in the framed Corporate Plan 2004-2009 based on the Government funds and assistance of other donor agencies to provide inspiring and pleasant learning and teaching atmosphere for the students to develop their independent of thoughts and ideas reinforced by the dedication and enthusiasm of the Academics, Administrative officers and staff and by the support of stakeholders under a system of good corporate governance laid on the foundation of rights responsibility and accountability to promote academic freedom and to ensure its constant success in developing this south eastern region of Sri Lanka.

However the on set of Asian Tsunami in the Indian Ocean had brought many things to stand still and there by delaying the normal progress of works at the beginning of 2005 for about two months. This interruption has come to tell on the possibilities of realising the benefit of academic calendar programme for year 2005.

The stated vision of this University is to see its Graduates fare well in the world of works to the extent of bringing reputations and glory to this University for its excellent service in the educational fields and of contributing best to promote peace and harmony in the society nationally and internationally and to see the stake holders appreciate and support the University in its activities and also to see the Tsunami affected Ampara region is in the process of development for the survival of mankind.

The stated mission of this University is to produce competent, capable, dedicated, trained and employable graduates enriched with essential knowledge, appropriate skills and useful experiences, through the mechanism of imparting relevant and quality University education with the aids of modern methods of teaching, learning and research works and of materials and equipments to ensure regular system of progress in the intensive learning, excellent teaching, multi skill training, proper guidance, deep research and regular publications of the University at the level of faculties, with the services of periodically trained and professionally developed academics and with the assistants of non academics in a comfortable and conducive atmosphere and environment facilitated with the equal opportunities, full freedom and easy way to enjoy modern system of University education by all and to prepare the Undergraduates ready to fit for the employment in the world of works and for continuing life long education in the future too, in concordance with the National Educational Policy UGC directions and external Audit guidelines and University governing bodies through a system of good corporate governance with the Corporate Plan having short, middle and long term strategies and with annually adjusted action plans and to start Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language to expand the service area of this University.



South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL) was established by the Government of Sri Lanka in October 1995 as 10th National University.


This university is located in Oluvil, coastal area in the Ampara district, 350 kilometers away from Colombo. Oluvil site is a charming and lively place bounded on the East by the sea shore of Bay of Bengal, the river Kaliodai on the North, the vast stretch of paddy fields on the West and array of coconut estates in the center and extensive mixed farms in the surrounding. All these added up to a scene of absorbing interests.


Started with 35 displaced students in November 1995, today SEUSL has a total of undergraduate strength of 1200. After Tsunami a substantial number of undergraduates and their families are rendered displaced or refugees in the camps.

Academic Programme

SEUSL has at present three Faculties: Faculty of Arts and Culture (FAC); Faculty of Management and Commerce (FMC); and Faculty of Applied Sciences (FASc). It is also proposed to establish the Faculty of Agricultural Technology and the Faculty of Islamic Studies to diversify the courses to provide more Opportunities.

The FAC offers BA (General-3 Years Course) and BA (Special -4 Years Course). It has two departments: Department of Social Sciences; Department of Languages.

The FMC, which has two departments namely Department of Management and Department of Accountancy and Finance, offers Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Commerce degrees in Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Management Information Systems and Human Resources Management. The thrust of this Faculty is towards hands on professional studies.

The FASc offers Bachelor of Science Degree and Master of Science in environmental studies. It has three Departments: Biological Sciences; Physical Sciences and Mathematics and Computer Sciences. The FASc has been functioning from September 1997 at Sammanthurai north-west of Oluvil.

There are vast opportunities at the SEUSL to diversify the advanced scientific studies and research. Fishing, a principal activity in the district, is also capable of being studied scientifically. Conservation of reservoirs and wet lands and In-land fishery may be spin-offs from that discipline. The presence of wildlife sanctuaries and protected forests affords scholars the opportunity to study them, as scientific disciplines.