Professional Software Engineer.

Nick Thomas is a professional software engineer with wide ranging experience encompassing embedded development for set-top-boxes to factory automation.

Nick is equally at home focusing on low level hardware/driver layers and when designing and developing user interface schemes.
Likewise, Nick works effectively in one-person tasks/projects and large scale and multi disciplined teams which can be split across several sites and countries - and he has represented his employers abroad on several occasions.

Most recently Nick has been a leading developer for a set-top-box middleware company where he has been responsible for developing and integrating first and third party software components for set-top-boxes for the UK, Australia and New Zealand markets.
He developed the Smart Talk™ in collaboration with Goodmans and RNIB which won the ‘Consumer Product’ category at The Engineer Technology and Innovation Awards 2010.

Software programming focuses mainly on many years of C and C++, but he has also worked with Python, FIDL, Java, PLC ladder logic, PIC assembler, Arduino, C#, PHP, Perl, HTML, MySQL, MSSQL, and shell scripting - and a very small amount of VB.
Developing for environments such as X86 Linux (since 1994), STLinux (driver and userspace), VxWorks, RTEMS, PIC, Arduino, Nucleus+, MIPS, Win32, MFC, CygWin.

Previously, Nick has held senior software engineering roles in turnkey factory automation and process control, offshore oil and gas industry, petrol distribution, warehousing, SCADA, HMI, data collection and database development.

He has strong experience working in safety critical environments, where formal safety and quality assurance tools and techniques are mandatory; while at XCL he wrote the safety policy document which contributed to the acceptance by Total Oil GB for top tier safety status which allowed XCL to quote, and work, within the most safety stringent operations.

He has excellent communication and interpersonal skills at all levels.