We are the network economics group at UC Berkeley. We are interested in studying how economics impacts technological change. We do active research in Game Theory and Mechanism design with application domains in networking, internet and web economics. 

Professors and Industry collaborators : Jean Walrand, Venkat Anantharam, John Musacchio (UCSC), Galina Schwartz, Abhay Parekh, Shyam Parekh (AT&T Labs).
Students: Stephan Adams, Vijay Kamble, Ramtin Pedarsani, Steven Clarkson, Lenia Dritsoula.
Current Visitors: Neda Edalat (NUS-Singapore).

We hold the Net-econ seminar every friday at 2 pm in 400 Cory. We are also offering a course on Network economics in fall 2013. 

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