Network for future innovation of major competences
in vocational education and training in construction

BZB Krefeld is project promoter and applicant of the initiative NETconVET.

All NETconVET topics relate to the development of VET business partnerships, which chiefly aim at the promotion of work-based learning in all its forms.

The consortium has chosen 4 major topics how target groups (learners, companies and VET-trainers, entrepreneurs and not least pupils) get into, stay and cope with markets needs in VET, namely:

- transition into/within/out of VET
- work-based learning
- digital competences
- Building Information Modelling (BIM)

As the consortium consists of 5 VET-centres, 1 university, 1 think-tank and 1 European Employers Association the wide scope of views onto any work-based learning in the construction sector will be guaranteed. All these partners operate diverse relations to the business/labor market fields, since SMEs and bigger companies are customers of VET-centres, members in the European association and scientific objects of the more scientific oriented project partners.

Not only BIM itself and processes in work-based training will be enriched by open and innovative practices coping with the digital era, but also the transition processes from school into VET can be accompanied and supported by digital methods and tools and not least the digitalization stands for the methodological settings in VET in all areas, asking target-groups related questions of do´s and dont´s (digitalization might not be suitable for everything).


Project period:

1st of September 2017 - 29th of February 2020


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