This is my homepage. My name is Netanel (Nati) Blaier, and I'm a Simons postdoc at Brandeis-Harvard. My mentor is Bong Lian. Before that, I was a student of Paul Seidel in MIT.  My research interests are: symplectic topology, Homological mirror symmetry and mapping class groups. 

In 2016-2017, I'm co-organizing (along with Baris Kartal from MIT) the CMSA seminar series on Homological Mirror Symmetry (HMS).  Between 2014-2016, I was organizing the MIT informal graduate student symplectic topology seminar (nicknamed ''the symplectic coffee seminar"). You can find an archive of the talks here

What do I do in life? 

My area in Math is called symplectic topology. 

... But I'll give it a try anyway! 

Roughly, that means studying the geometry of manifolds equipped with a weird notion of area. Surprisingly, in order to answer innocent questions in this geometry, one is often forced to turn to all to all sort of ''fancy buzzwords": like Fukaya categories, quantum geometry, Mirror symmetry etc. 

Even more specifically, I'm mostly interested in the geometry and topology of the group of symplectic automorphism -- this can be thought about as an analogue of the mapping class group for surfaces. So I'm a "symplectic-topologist-who-uses-tools-from-homological-algebra-to-try-and-study-symplectomorphism" . 

A more detailed description is available in my Research Statement.


E-mail: the first letter of my first name, followed by my last name, then (this primitive puzzle is meant to ward-off spam).

Mail address: Brandeis University,
Goldsmith 208

Phone: (781)736-3064

I live in Boston, which is always a great place to sunbath :-)