This semester we will be having a small seminar on Faltings' proof of the Mordell conjecture.

Useful resources:

The webpage for a seminar on the same topic held in Harvard in 2012 (this page also contains 
links to several other useful resources). There is also a pdf of the notes for this seminar.

The webpage for a seminar on the same topic held in Stanford in 2010-11.


Tuesday, 20th October, HG 00.065 
Netan - Introduction to the conjectures of Mordell, Shafarevich and Tate.

Friday, 23rd October, HG 01.028 9:00-11:00: 
Netan - Deducing Shafarevich and Mordell from finiteness of isogeny classes.
Ben - Heights and why they solve all our problems.

Tuesday, 3rd November, HG 03.082 9:00-11:00:
Ben - Heights and why they solve all out problems, continued.

Tuesday, 17th November, HG 03.054 9:30-11:00:
Netan - Neron Models

Tuesday, 24th November, HG 00.065 9:30-11:00

Tuesday, 1st December, HG 00.663 9:30-11:00
Milan - Logarithmic singularities of the Faltings height

Tuesday, 8th December, HG 03.054 9:30-11:00
Netan - Finiteness of abelian varieties of bounded height

15th December, HG 00.065 10:00-11:30
Ben - Introduction to finite flat group schemes

Tuesday, 19th January 
HG 01.057 10:00-11:30
Johan - p-divisible groups

Wednesday, 2nd February HG01.058 15:30-17:00
Milan - Group schemes of type (p,...,p) I

Thursday, 11th February HG02.802 10:00-11:30
Netan - Group schemes of type (p,...,p) II